My Hero Academia Episode 84: Gentle Criminal vs Deku!

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The School Festival Arc has been fun until now, and all the past episodes didn’t feature any action scenes. And with each episode, they kept us exciting for the upcoming thrill. Well, the wait is over. My Hero Academia is back with its weekly episode and so Gentle Criminal with his plan. This episode is definitely a pace-changer so far.

In the previous episode of My Hero Academia, everything went on a purpose to make the audience excited for the next one. With the school festival ahead, everyone’s been busy planning how they’re going to make it successful. On the other side, Gentle Criminal and La Brava are preparing to sneak in.  And it’s already been a week since we watched the last episode and here we are with the most awaited episode.

One day before the School Festival

The episode features the Class-A students practicing their concert, and they’re almost done with it. And as Deku being in the special effects team, he and Aoyama do their practice as others, but soon they realize, the rope is damaged. And the school festival will begin the next morning as everyone is excited.

In the morning of the school festival, as usual, Deku begins his practice to improvise his long-range attack. Since Hatsume makes him the equipments to control the effects of long-range effects, he spends most of his time in learning the technique. Now Midoriya’s biggest concern is getting back from the hardware store before the school festival begins.

Deku encounters Gentle Criminal

The moment we all have been waiting for, and the thrill we’ve been expecting is here.  Deku’s encounter with Gentle Criminal is unexpected, I mean even though there was a preview about this in the last episode, I didn’t think they would make it into an action scene. We should be glad that they didn’t make any lag regarding this action sequence.

As Deku encounters Gentle Criminal, he doesn’t recognize him at first, but as the situation demands, he mentions the tea Golden Tips Imperial. That’s right; it might be game over for the Gentle Criminal. I guess we’re wrong. It won’t be easy to defeat him even with Deku’s power because his quirk is terrific.

Gentle Criminal’s Amazing Quirk 

Even though we do have a few hints about his quirk in the previous episodes, now it is confirmed. The quirk of the Gentle Criminal is “Elasticity.” With his quirk, he can convert any non-living thing into an elastic item. The most surprising thing about his quirk, it can even manipulate the elements like air to bend to his whims. Well, such a fantastic quirk for a formidable villain!

When the action scene began, every incident they worked hard to make it a successful school festival flashes before Deku’s eyes. Not going to lie, this is one of the best moments of School Festival Arc. Overall this fight was worth the wait. And both characters seemed familiar to me; they just won’t give up. Whatever happens, Gentle tries to make his way into the U. A  high school and Deku won’t let it happen. In this action sequence, we got to see how Deku’s long-range attack works. The fight is exciting, and it won’t end since both of them are pretty strong. Finally, La Brava offers her advice to use her quirk, which seemed scary.

Preview of My Hero Academia Episode 84-School Festival Starts!

As everyone is prepared for the School Festival, here, Gentle is trying to sneak in, and Deku is not giving up on stopping him. And it seems like the next episode is going to be an epic one. With an unknown quirk of La Brava and the will power of Gentle Criminal, can Deku defeat them? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Until then, let’s hope the next episode of My Hero Academia will be as good as this one!

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