My Hero Academia Episode 85-Dream vs Dream!

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My Hero Academia Episode 85 finally brings School Festival on to the screens!

In the previous episode of My Hero Academia, we’ve seen some great action between Gentle and Midoriya. Since the school festival began, Gentle’s plan came into execution, and unfortunately, he fought against Midoriya. Well, the fight wasn’t over in the last episode; instead, it was only half of the fight. But in episode 85 of My Hero Academia, the fight has been epic, and since we haven’t seen Midoriya in action for a long time, this episode definitely gave us chills. The event is usually a mixture of action and emotion, such as the love story of Gentle and La Brava, Dreams of Gentle and Midoriya.

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Unlasting Love of Gentle and La Brava

It is the moment where the episode gets emotional, and these two characters are so lovable. The backstory of La Brava is so sad, and the way her life takes a turn is the most beautiful thing of the episode. And the past of the Gentle is not fair either.  Probably this is how villains end up in society.  The past self of Gentle is a wonderful person who doesn’t give up on his dream no matter what happens. But how much longer a person can hold onto his hope when every time he gets treated as a villain. Well, Gentle is definitely one of the best characters of My Hero Academia.

The love story of Gentle and La Brava is too good, and almost every person who watched the episode felt the pain of them both. And as the fight begins, since Deku is so strong than he was before, he troubles Gentle for a while. However, La Brava uses her quirk for the first time, which they planned to escape after the mission. Her quirk is love where she can boost up the power of the person she loves, and the deeper the love is higher the power. Since the bond of Gentle and La Brava is sincere, he gets more powerful, and the fight gets more interesting.

A Shared Dream of Individuals

The title might seem a bit non-conveying, but if you’ve watched the episode, then you’ll understand it for sure. The past of Gentle reveals his dream and pain; later, his goal isn’t his anymore. And the same goes for Midoriya since when he was a child, his dream to become a hero was a failure. And when his life got better when he received the quirk ‘One for All,’ his dream also became the dream of Almight.

Both Gentle and Deku resemble each other when it comes to their lives. But they chose different paths. This fight is between the Dreams of two persons, where one wants to become the greatest hero in the world, and the other one wants to become the greatest villain. Well, who do you think will win? I guess that won’t be fair to spoil it for you.

Overall, this episode is as good as we expected, and the action is fantastic. The thing we loved most is Deku’s fast thinking and new moves. Since the school festival began, the next two episodes probably will fill us with Joy and Cheer.

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With the fight between Deku and Gentle is over, the hopes and feelings of La Brava and Gentle have come to an end. With the bitter lingering victory, Deku heads back to the U. A and the festival we have been waiting since the beginning of the School Festival of My Hero Academia. And the next week, we’ll be back with more fun episode review, until then stay tuned for more updates!

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