My Hero Academia Episode 86: School Festival Brings Smiles!

My Hero Academia Episode 86

My Hero Academia-Let it flow! School Festival!

In the previous episode of My Hero Academia, we’ve seen both Gentle Criminal and Deku in action. And how precious the love between La Brava and Gentle is! Many new things happened in the previous episode, like Deku using his long-range attacks for real and the backstories of Gentle and La Brava have been very sad. Overall, the episode was fantastic, with a bit of emotion and filled with action. And here we are about to witness the School Festival for which we’ve been waiting from the start of the arc. Let’s see how good this episode has been and how the next week’s episode will be!

The episode 86 of My Hero Academia finally brings the School Festival on to the screens. It starts with the students of the U.A being excited and worried about Midoriya being late. However, as he arrives, he gets treated because of the injuries from his fight with Gentle Criminal and everything set to perform their concert.

As the crowd gathers, while most of them came to enjoy the show, a few students are looking to criticize them. The clock ticks to 10, and the curtain rises, the concert spices up with the Bakugo’s voice and powerful drums. Jiro takes the lead by singing, and everyone performs well for their hard practice. The special effects team makes the crowd surprise with their effects, and those who came to criticize the class-A seems to be enjoying like the normal ones. Not going to lie, even I got chills while watching it.

Eri Smiles!

my hero academia

All this trouble bringing Eri to U.A high is to make her smile. Deku and Mirio decided they should make Eri happy and see her smile once. Well, it seems like their hard didn’t go to waste. Eri excited as her face glows due to all the fun and concert. After the events, Eri meets Midoriya and can’t express how adorable this scene is, and at last, we got to see Eri happy. And the sad thing is she leaves U. A high at the end of the episode, Midoriya making her an apple candy himself is yet another adorable thing we noticed in this episode.

Beauty Pageant-Nejire Hado steals the show!

As the beauty pageant event is a part of the school festival, everyone gathers and excites to see them perform. The competitors give their best performance to impress everyone; after all, it is a competition where the votes decide the winner. And then comes one of the Big Three Nejire Hado, twinkling like a star, stealing everyone’s hearts even though she’s a bit nervous. And the competition ends, the pole begins. Well, who do you think is the winner? I guess you could figure it out from the heading.

Guilty and Broken Gentle!

The result of the fight concludes the winner as Midoriya and Gentle gets caught by the pro Hero Hound. Gentle surrenders himself by taking the whole fault on himself, and he even lies on brainwashing La Brava to protect her. Honestly, Gentle deserves more than this. I wish we could see more of Gentle’s screentime in the future, he is so amazing together with La Brava, and probably the only villain liked by most of the fans.

Overall, this episode was pleasant, and almost all the past episodes are great. Besides these, the episode even entertained us with some funny scenes includes Bakugo, Mineta, and some other students from U.A high.

Preview of Episode 87 of My Hero Academia!

The preview of the next episode is quite impressive, The Japanese Hero Billboard Chart is here, and it ranks heroes basing on their achievements. Since Almight is retired, the rankings are fluctuating a lot, and here comes the tough situation. Who’s going to be the No.1 Hero? To know that we have to wait one more week until then, stay tuned for updates!

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