My Hero Academia Heroes Rising hits Home Release with a Complete Edition!(2020)

my hero academia heroes rising

My Hero Academia Heroes Rising has been one of the best works of My Hero Academia franchise. And it has also been a great success by breaking the anime box records in the U.S box office.

After an unbeaten run through Japan and several countries over the world, now the film is gearing up for its first home video release. The previous movie of My Hero Academia(My Hero Academia: Two Heroes) has done the same in the past but only in DVD and Blu-ray. Unlike the first film, there will be a few changes for the home video release before it drops. According to the official website of My Hero e Heroes Rising, the version will include “Complete Edition” of the new featuring film along with the additional unseen footage.

The official website of My Hero Academia Heroes Rising posted on twitter with the outlines referring to as “Plus Ultra” edition, which is the “Complete Edition” mentioned above. And the video releases will be scheduled on July 15, 2020as per the official twitter account of My Hero Academia Heroes Rising and features a new cut of the film with new animation and retakes it to the screens. Well, there is no telling what changes will be made, but the word ‘new content’ is undoubtedly exciting.

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When does the English language home video will be out?

And for the fans who prefer English language home video release, there hasn’t been any announcement regarding it. However, considering that the movie is released outside Japan in the last month, it might take some time for its release. Probably it’s hard to wait that long for the English home video release of My Hero Academia Heroes Rising. But if this new edition of the film comes with the English language release, it will become more comfortable for the fans to wait for the home video release in the English language.

Until then, you can still enjoy the newly released manga of My Hero Academia Hero Rising through Viz media, which officially released the official tie-in manga in English through their digital Shounen Jump Library!

We hope most of you have already watched My Hero Academia Heroes Rising in the theatres. What kind of changes are you expecting from the Complete Edition? Let us know in the comment section, or you can simply talk to us about all anime-related things in Twitter-Anime Ukiyo.

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