New One Piece Dubbed Episodes (588-600) to Arrive in August!

one piece dub

It has always been tough for the One Piece Dub lovers since the series is still taking lengthy gaps between each arc. With these sudden decisions, fans are always left with doubt on whether One Piece dub will continue or not. It is surely not surprising to think that since gradually dub releases have been decreasing with long breaks. However, since the news of even more dub episodes being released is flowing lately, it has been a relief. So, is One Piece dub back on track?

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Is One Piece Dub Finally Back?

Funimation released Punk Hazard arc episodes (575-587) on June 2, and there hasn’t been a single release until now. However, with the latest dub of One Piece Stampede which is available to stream for free, the hopes of fans have gone high. And surprisingly, episodes 588-600 will most likely hit the digital stores in August.

one piece dub

Funimation revealed on their recent conversation that a date for home video release along with the further One Piece dub release dates would be announced shortly. What’s more assuring than this one? We can surely trust on Funimation’s news since even after COVID-19 pandemic, it has released dub episodes simultaneously before going on Hiatus.

If it continues this way, then the next batch of episodes (600-613) will hit the stores around October. And before 2020, we’ll get a whole arc of Punk Hazard dub episodes in our pocket. According to the fans expectations, Dressarossa Arc will get into the dub platform at the starting of 2021 or most likely the franchise already set a date to dub Dressarossa Arc.


Although the above assumptions are made according to the current trend, we can’t be sure, but we can’t be uncertain either. All we can do is to keep hoping that these assumptions will come true. So, what do you think about the One Piece dub releases? What do you prefer out of dub and sub? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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