No Game No Life: Will We ever get a Season 2 for such a Gem?

no game no life season 2
Image Credits: Sentai Filmworks

No Game No Life is an anime you shouldn’t have missed if you’re an Otaku. The brilliant work of Yuu Kamiya under the production of Mad House has been a significant success in the anime industry. It’s already been six years since its premiere. And all these years we’re wondering when we will get a second season. There has been a sequel movie No Game No Life: Zero, which shows the beautiful love story between Sora and Shiro. Yet there is no season 2 for such a fantastic anime. But Why?

6 Years! Yet no Second Season

no game no life season 2
Image Credits: Sentai Filmworks

Six years have passed, and fans are still hoping for the news on the sequel of the anime. And still, we don’t have any good news on the second season. In the past two years, there have been Plagiarism Allegations due to some statements on Kamiya stealing the other’s work. According to an anonymous website, Kamiya took the ideas of characters of Jibril, Dora, and Izuna.

Kamiya later apologized to the artists and paid the compensation. At that moment, everyone thought it would be the end of No Game No Life. But Kamiya didn’t trace the characters thoroughly. Instead, he took ideas on some minor details regarding the artwork that led him into such a situation. And since “No Game No Life” left us with a cliffhanger in the end where Sora and Shiro prepare to fight against God, we can expect season 2. But when?

When will the second season of No Game No Life come out?

no game no life season 2
Image Credits: Sentai Filmworks

Even though there is no info regarding the season 2 of No Game No Life, fans have been in the belief it will air someday. Because there are ten volumes of manga that have been released in Japan. That means it’s not like they aren’t planning anything. Not just No Game No Life, in the past, there are many anime shows which took a long time to get sequels just like One Punch Man. But the case here is No Game No Life’s studio is not showing any interest in revealing the release date.

Maybe they’re planning to delay a bit due to the allegations faced in the past years. And since we have a positive feeling that the anime will be coming someday doesn’t mean it will be coming in 2020. If the anime is going to premiere even in the fall of 2020, we would’ve got a sneak peek at the very least. So, there is a high probability it will come in 2021.

Let’s hope they make it worthwhile. What are your thoughts on No Game No Life and it’s sequel movie? Let us know in the comment section.

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