Will There be Noragami Season 3? [Release Date]

noragami season 3 release date

Noragami anime was definitely one of the best ones I have watched, and just like a lot of you, I badly want a third season.

So, the question is, will there ever be Norgami season 3? Or is Noragami season 3 release date confirmed already? We’ll reveal all the needed details in this article.

Noragami Season 3 Release Date!

Noragami Season 3 release date

So far, there hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the third season of Noragami. Even though it has been 6 years since the second season has come out, not a single thing implying it would get a second season.

But don’t lose hope. We may still get a third season because many people desire it, and someday, the franchise will surely make a move. In fact, these few tweets can help you:

I still hope there will be season 3 for the anime because, judging from the previous two seasons’ earnings, they made quite a profit. Also, I believe in the Secret that if you wish for something with all your heart, it will come true.

Conclusive Thoughts!

So, Noragami season 3 release date is not yet known, whether it be 2022 or 2023, but sometime in the future, we’ll get it. All we have to do is keep believing and wait for Studio Bones to animate it.

Even though this article wasn’t much informative to you, I believe it at least gave you a positive response. For more anime updates like these, stay tuned on Anime Ukiyo.

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