All One Piece Admirals Ranked from Strongest to Weakest!

One Piece Admirals ranked

In the world of One Piece, two supreme powers act as pillars in making it more adventurous. Yes, we’re referring to Admirals and Emperors (Yonko). Let’s just leave Yonko for now and focus on Admirals.

So, who is the strongest admiral in One Piece? Although some people say it’s Kizaru or Sengoku, we have a different opinion. In this article, we have the strongest One Piece admirals ranked.

Strongest One Piece Admirals Ranked!

8. Zephyr


Although the name “Zephyr” doesn’t ring any bells to many One Piece fans, he was quite an outstanding admiral at one point. He was one of the three admirals during the era of the Pirate King, Gol. D. Roger.

His appearance so far has only been official in One Piece: Film Z, and he is not only a respectable man who raised new generations of marines, but also a monster who can give any pirate run for their money.

7. Ryokugyu


After the recent revolution on One Piece as Akainu became the fleet admiral and the resignation of Kuzan, Ryoukugyu became a Navy Admiral. Currently, a very little is known about him, as he hasn’t appeared before in the series.

However, Doflamingo mentioned him to be a beast in combat, and he also seems to be highly experienced in using Observation and Armament Haki. The only reason he is at the bottom of the list (strength-wise) is due to the lack of his combat information.

6. Kong


While achieving the position as the Fleet Admiral is impressive, Kong also managed to take the title of Commander in Chief of the World Government. He served before Sengoku and was quite an important figure during Roger’s era.

His abilities are unknown for now, but seeing how he led the Marines, it is not plausible to underestimate him. So, at least based on that, he deserves a good spot on the list.

5. Issho


Although he has no vision, Issho almost wiped out thousands of pirates during Dressarossa arc. Just like Ryokugyu, he was drafted from the military after Akainu’s promotion.

Also known as “Fujitora,” he uses Zushi Zushi no devil fruit and can manipulate the gravity at his will. One of his trump cards being able to summon meteors from the sky, which is quite deadly in wiping out enemies in numbers.

We have yet to see the full power of Issho and as the story progresses, we’ll know how strong he actually is—Regardless, he’s one of the strongest admirals in One Piece.

4. Borsalino


He does talk slow, but his attack leave every enemy speechless as they as speed as light, fitting for his devil fruit Pika Pika no Mi. Giving him the title of one of the overpowered characters is not an exaggeration by any means.

At Sabaody Archipelago he literally wiped out everyone including Supernova captains and fought head to head with Silvers Rayleigh. During marineford war, he also fought on equal terms with Marco, who is the vice commander of Whitebeard pirates.

3. Kuzan


Despite joining Blackbeard pirates after abandoning his position as an admiral, Kuzan is freakishly strong. He fought with several insanely powerful pirates and even with Akainu for 10 days straight on Punk Hazard.

Although he was a little weaker than Akainu during the battle, he proved his power enough. Due to his Logia body and his control of ice, he freezes everything in his way with literal ease.

2. Sakazaki


Probably the most hated marine in One Piece yet insanely dangerous entity. The former admiral of Navy and the current fleet admiral, Akainu, stood his ground against Whitebeard for a while.

With his Logia devil fruit Magu Magu no Mi, he’s a walking lava and even defeated Aokiji after battling for straight ten days. Despite how many despicable things he had done, the navy has grown quite aggressive under his rule.

Thus, Akainu takes the spot as the second strongest admiral in One Piece, only second to Sengoku.

1. Sengoku


Sengoku is the only admiral who fought against the legendary pirate, Shiki and also held admiral position for 20 years. Surprisingly, he’s the only marine to possess, Haoshoku Haki.

During the Marineford arc, he was able to fight with the entire Blackbeard crew. Regardless of how old he is now, with his combat ability, he is undoubtedly, the strongest admiral as far as the One Piece history goes.

Final Thoughts!

These are the strongest admirals in One Piece, and they are ranked in the definitive way. Although some of their prowess are completely unknown, as far as the story goes, we made a fair judgement.

So, do you think this is the accurate list? Or do you think the rankings should need a little correction? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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