One Piece Manga Fans Celebrates its 23rd Anniversary!

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To be honest, I’ve been reading One Piece manga for more than a month after watching the episodes until it aired. However, numerous people have been reading through the years and waiting for the next chapter every week. Its been almost 23 years for Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece- “One Piece manga.” As a result, its time for its 23rd Anniversary.

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Legendary One Piece Manga Turns 23 Today!

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece now officially reaches its successful 23rd year, and the manga fans are celebrating its success. Being one of the most successful and longest-running series, One Piece acquired all kinds of praise and popularity. It’s been 23 years since the manga’s debut and 20 plus years for the anime. Well, it certainly is long, but for the fans who are in love with the adventures of Monkey D Luffy, still, it isn’t enough.

Now the manga is nearing to its 1000th chapter, and fans have but one doubt. Will they be able to see the mysteries soon? If there is enough story to cover around 1500 chapters, then it’ll take a bit long to know them. Since the past 50 chapters, we’ve seen a lot of old era’s moments like Oden’s adventures on Roger’s ship. We want an ending, and at the same time, we want it to be perfect, but once it finishes, we’re done for.

Fans around the world have been expressing their love towards One Piece manga. You can see the tweets below:

Let’s Enjoy the Journey!

We are looking forward to more Adventures!

Our Destination is not Yet Reached!

Still, I Cherish it With all My Heart!

A Life-Changing Journey!

One Piece Made Who I am Now!

It’s Never Too Late to Start!


People who’ve been reading the manga for 23 years are genuinely One Piece lovers. And with this 23rd anniversary, it sure brings smiles on our fans’ faces. Until the manga reaches its end, we’ll be going through the journey for years like this.

Anyway, let’s hope this manga never ends, and let’s smile together every week with its amazing artwork and story. Well then, what are your thoughts on One Piece manga? What is your favorite arc? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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