One Punch Man Review: Isn’t it Overrated?

One Punch Man Genuine review!

You might’ve heard people say that One Punch Man is a fantastic anime. And it even gets in the top most popular anime list. Honestly, I feel like it is unworthy of this hype because there are a bunch of anime shows out there like Sword Art Online, which get a lot of contrary recognition. So an anime having a few flaws in it is the worst anime ever, and the anime which is filled with partially improvised plot, okayish character development is the best anime ever! What kind of logic is it? It’s not like I’m criticizing One Punch Man; instead, my motive is to convey that it is overrated.

In the review, I’ll explain to you the reasons and the aspects which made One Punch Man a popular and an overrated one.

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One Punch Man

Genre: Animation, Action, Comedy

IMDb: 8.8/10

One Punch Man is a Japanese superhero webcomic written by the artist One in early 2009. It even has a manga adaption illustrated by Yusuke Murata. The digital manga publication for the series began on Shueisha‘s Tonari no Jump website in 2012. The first season was aired in 2015 while the second season of One Punch Man aired between April and July 2019.


In a world of superhumans, Saitama is a unique hero who can defeat anyone with a single punch. But he feels empty in the world of superheroes and decides to live a life where he can find something exciting. He always feels what’s the point in having an Overwhelming Power when you can’t have fun. The story follows his adventures, and as the story moves, he encounters many villains.


One Punch Man has a good storyline. But in my opinion, the improvisation of the plot is not good. Although I like the basic idea of how the world faces the monsters and heroes, protect it from them. However, if there were a few developments in the plot, it might have been better. In the second season, the plot is improvised compared to season one.


I’m not going to lie. Saitama is one of the best anime characters of all time, and he is chill as hell. But the reason is they didn’t show development in the other characters in the first season whereas they’ve done quite the opposite in the second season. Saitama didn’t get enough screen time compared to the first one, and it’s almost like he’s the side character. On the other side, characters like Genos can be positive aspects of character development; still, it can be better.


I can say that One Punch Man has a wonderful opening and a piece of good background music. And the music can be damn good at some instants. And season 2 is no exception. In both seasons, music is one aspect that I liked. And the first opening is one of the best openings out there!

The first time you hear it will make you notice it’s music, and as you listen, it will seem like an epic opening. Of course, it is. Well, music is, without a doubt, one of the aspects that lead One Punch man to its success.


The animation of One Punch is great, and since its animation studio is Madhouse famous for their works on Death Note and Hunter x Hunter. Despite its plot and character development, One Punch man doesn’t lack Animation quality. Some character designs like Genos are astonishing, and it’s quite different from most of the anime series. Well, animation might be one of those reasons it is popular.


Honestly, While watching the anime, I was waiting for more action, maybe because they filled the whole first season with sarcasm. Well, Season 2 is not disappointing with action when compared to the first season. The first season does have some good action sequences, considering the power of Saitama, we can’t expect a fight to last much longer. But there are some epic entrances and fight scenes, where you’ll get goosebumps every time Saitama enters, like the ending scene of the second season.


When it comes to Entertainment, One Punch man will never fail to impress you. In most of the episodes, you’ll roll on the floor with the laugh. The sarcasm is terrific, and even in a difficult situation, Saitama doesn’t lose his chillness. In both seasons, the humor was great.

While you’re immersed in an action sequence, suddenly you happen to hear a sarcastic dialogue. More than angry for interrupting the action sequence, it feels funny. Well, this is one thing I liked about One Punch Man.

Season 1 vs. Season 2

one punch man review

It is where the One Punch man gets judged. Considering both seasons, it lacks a few aspects in both seasons. And still, it gets more hype. It’s not wrong to see the positive side, but when it comes to other anime series, it should be the same as every anime series. While Season 1 was good with Animation, Art, and Music, Season 2 seems to lack Animation quality. It might be because of the change in its studio. But still, everything counts in a review.

The second season gave more screentime to the other superheroes, and at the same time, it failed to elevate the character of Saitama. Well, despite these few flaws, One Punch man is a fantastic watch. But the reason my review is a bit negative is because of the hype it had when I had thought of watching it. But unfortunately, it didn’t reach my expectations.

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