One Punch Man Gets a Live -Action Film by Venom, Jumanji Writers! (2020)

one punch man live action movie

As you know, One Punch Man is one of the most popular anime series, and Saitama is the most savage character. Whether if you stumble upon One Punch Man by a friend or from the google itself, I’d say you’re lucky to watch it. The show might be epic or overrated; it is the second thing. But considering its humor, One Punch Man is an excellent show. Now, this show is making an entrance to Hollywood by a live-action film.

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One Punch Man- Saitama Punches his way through Hollywood!

Sony Pictures reportedly mentioned that the writers of Jumanji and Venom, Scott Rosenberg, and Jeff Pinkner would be the foremost lead writers of One Punch Man’s upcoming live-action movie. In 2009, a webcomic came into the light by ONE, and later in 2012, Shueisha’s Young Jump Next published it after adding illustrations by Yusuke Murata. And little do we know, it rocked the sales for a while and Viz began publishing all over the world. And in 2015, here comes the reign of legendary Saitama.

The first and second volumes made to the New York manga best sellers list and also nominated for Eisner award. Since then, anime series took over the responsibility and proved its worth through its humor. To be honest, One Punch Man is fantastic in its humor side rather than its action side.

What can we expect from this Live-Action Film? 

one punch man live action movie

Whether the script is written by the writers of Venom, Jumanji, or someone else, the fate of live-action by Hollywood always turns out to be a massive failure. Such as Death Note and Dragon Ball Evolution. These movies are not only the worst ones of live-action adaptions of Japanese anime but in the whole world. So, if the same thing happens with One Punch Man film, you better not surprise.

But even there are a few movies which proved their worth as live-action movies like Ghost in the Shell, Alita: Battle Angel and Edge of Tomorrow. It seems like you can expect at least this much from Hollywood. So let’s hope they’re going to make it as good as the first season of One Punch Man. There aren’t any details regarding the cast or crew of the film. But once they reveal those, we’ll be sure to update them. Until then, make sure you’ll revisit us.

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