Princess Principal Anime Film Delayed due to COVID-19!

princess principal COVID-19
Image Credits: Sentai Filmworks

Princess Principal delays and further release date will be announced soon!

As we mentioned in the previous post of the best anime to watch in April, the first film of the six-part series is supposed to release on April 10, 2020. Well, you know how the current situation of the world is. A few days back, Funimation delayed the dub releases because of the COVID-19. And now its Princess Principal: Crown handler’s turn.

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The production committee of the film Princess Principal, along with the Hakuhodo DY music & pictures announced on Thursday that they are delaying the film’s release. And the reason is the current situation due to COVID-19. They cited the policies of the government and as well as the health measures for the movie lovers.

When will the Princess Principal release?

The production committee and Hakuhodo DY music & pictures will announce the film’s new release date through the official website and social media accounts as soon as the COVID-19 issue gets solved. It probably won’t be in this month, so mostly we can expect it to be in either next month or later. But they are making every effort to ease the audience.

The official cast of Princess Principal includes:

Previously, the voice actor of Ange’s character used to be Ayaka Imamura. But due to her health issues, Aoi Koga is the new cast.

The main cast includes:

The films of the six-part series will be entirely new works that follow the story after the final episode of the series. Sentai Filmworks licensed the anime series in 2017 and even released a home video. Anime Ukiyo describes the story as:

“The story sets in London at the end of the 19th century. A new task has been assigned to Team White Pigeon, who are a group of spies from the commonwealth. While Ange, Dorothy, and Chise work as the spies, an assassination attempt takes in the kingdom, and the victim would be queen. To resolve the mystery, these spies should find a person named Bishop.” 

Well, until and unless this pandemic is stopped, not only the anime community, even other communities will effect. We hope it will end soon, and everything gets back to normal. We ask you to remain indoors until everything settles down. Until then, you can watch the anime to kill time and also check our list of the best anime to watch while quarantined. Stay Home! Stay Safe!

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