Re Zero Review: How Good is it?

re zero review

Re Zero has been one of the most influential anime in these past four years. If you have watched any isekai anime, then you would’ve probably liked Re Zero a lot.

But why is it so popular? We’ll get to that topic in the review. Before that, if you’re thinking of Re Zero as a part of the fate/stay franchise, then you’re mistaken. It is solely a different franchise with a distinctive adaption.

If you haven’t watched Re Zero yet, you might’ve not known about it, or at least you didn’t give it a try because of some negative reviews. Well, now spend some more time reading our review because it might convince you to watch it or you can at least know why it is so popular.

Re Zero Review!


Just like every isekai anime, our main character Natsuki Subaru gets transported into a new fantasy world. But what makes this plot unique from those regular ones? Unlike in other isekai anime, Subaru transports into an entirely different world where he experiences hell instead of getting along with every new world character.

In the beginning, the plot seems unclear, and many unanswered questions will rise in the audiences’ minds. Well, eventually, you’ll find answers to half of it. Probably the remaining mysteries will make sense in the upcoming season.


Honestly, I never thought Re Zero characters would be so exciting and adorable. Even though every character hasn’t equally developed, some characters like Rem and Subaru make the series even more impressive. Right from the beginning, you’ll notice some adorable moments from Rem, but as you move forward, you’ll be totally shipping Rem with the protagonist.

rem- re zero review

If you ask me about my favorite loli characters, Rem would surely occupy one of the top 3 spots. Making of Rem character is probably one of the most challenging things in this anime. Thus, character development has become one of the best aspects of the series.


re zero review

Just as you’d expect from a fantasy isekai anime, the animation is top-notch. Generally, in isekai anime, the environment sets in a different world. Portraying the beautiful visuals along with the pin to point animation is a part of isekai success.

While the animation stands as top-notch, the character designs such as Emilia and Rem are outstanding. What more do you want from an anime? Well, Animation should be one of the best aspects to make Re Zero a visual classic.


Let’s not say it has the best soundtracks and background score, but according to the scene, the music does make you love it. The opening of Re Zero is so good, but it takes some time to get into your mind.

I don’t find a particular word for its music, but if I had to define it for you, music does a great job in making the scenes more intense. Thus, Music ended up being one of the most vital aspects of Re Zero.


re zero anime review

Usually, the protagonist of an isekai anime always steals the characters’ attention with his abilities. But in Re Zero, Subaru is weak right from the beginning and struggles until the end.

The one thing that keeps him going on is the hope to find his very reason for summoning. However, it does have some cool fights that’ll mesmerize you. Significantly, the battle with the white whale is one hell of an epic one. So, if you’re into action anime, this one will hook you up.

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