Rent a Girlfriend Manga Hits 5 Million Sales!

rent a girlfriend manga

No one can predict how a manga turns out, and when its sales will go high. It’s only natural for the top-selling manga like One Piece, Demon Slayer and Berserk to increase sales gradually. Of course, even these manga had increased drastically at some point. But never thought that Rent a Girlfriend manga would reach this many sales in such a short time.

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Rent a Girlfriend Manga Reaches 5 Million Sales! 

Rent a Girlfriend anime which is currently airing on Crunchyroll has helped the manga sales to increase remarkably. Generally, either source of the manga or advertisements helps a manga to improve its sales. But it seems that’s not the case here. Well, it’s only natural since they didn’t fail in the slightest in executing the anime as per the manga.

rent a girlfriend manga

Due to the anime series followed by Rent a Girlfriend manga, it surpassed five million copies sold mark on August 10. Back in June, where the first episode of the anime was not yet premiered, it has sold 4 million copies. In November 2019, its total sales were 2.5 million copies. In just a single month, it reached 1 million sold mark whereas it took about eight months to reach 1.5 million copies before the anime aired.

To celebrate this milestone, the manga creator Reiji Miyajima released an illustration featuring Chizuru in his official Twitter account. You can see it here:

Until now, there have only been six episodes aired, and its already showing the results by improving its sales. By this, you can guess how good is Rent a Girlfriend manga. A representative of Kodansha publishers even told that this manga is the most read rom-com and the sales had gone way too higher after broadcasting the anime.

And most importantly, since there are limited stocks around japan, Kodansha apologised to the fans. So, have you been reading Rent a Girlfriend manga? How is it so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Source: Reiji Miyajima Twitter Account and Mantan Web 

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