Salaryman’s Club Anime Review: 4 Reasons Why It is a Must-Watch Anime!

Salaryman's Club anime review

Salaryman’s Club was an underrated original anime gem that ran from January 30th, 2022 to April 17th, 2022. Viewers mostly began watching because of the great visuals the poster and trailer promised, but stayed ultimately for the ride the anime took us on.

Sure, when we hear about a sports anime, we know it will have a tough time getting attention with all those great sports anime out there, but Salaryman’s club delivers us a different look on sports. To know more, read our Ryman’s Club/Salaryman’s Club anime review below.

Salaryman’s Club Anime Review!

A Different & Intriguing Plot!

Salaryman’s Club Anime Review!

The reason it’s different and not unique is that it still holds similarities to other sports anime. But it is different because the focus is not on some high school kids aiming to win the championship or inter-high cup, but on adults with a genuine love for sports who have to work to live their lives. It involved not only the sport, but also problems faced at work. The plot also incorporates the slice-of-life moments flawlessly.

Salaryman’s Club shows us that balancing your work life and your passion for anything is possible at any age as long as you have the drive. It expresses the importance of having hobbies as an adult. Because the length of the series is 12 episodes, the story might be a little fast-paced, but nevertheless, it is enjoyable and refreshing.

Amazing Visuals

Salaryman’s Club Anime Review!

The art style this anime delivers is what drew a lot of the crowd in. After all, Liden Films studio housed Berserk, Cells at work, and Tokyo Revengers. It didn’t waste any efforts On Salaryman’s Club, either.

All the badminton matches are animated excellently. The hype they produce is real and rivals other renowned sports anime. The character designs and animations are also of refined quality.

Remarkable Music

Music is an integral part of every anime. People may start watching an anime just because it has a great opening or ending song. Salaryman’s club checks both the boxes with its opening, “The Warrior” by Novelbright, and its ending, “Nisen Gohyaku Man no Ichi” by Mafumafu.

The music across the whole anime is a complete delight to the ears. It accompanies the anime perfectly to the teeth, pulling the reader into another world.

For Those Who Love Badminton, Salaryman’s Club Is Just for You!

Salaryman’s Club Anime Review!

There are few anime based on badminton, and Salaryman’s Club is a wonderful addition to that list. The sport was not extensively explained in the anime, but beginners will have no difficulty understanding it. Those who know badminton and have an understanding of the terms involved will sympathize with the characters.

The characters have their strengths and weaknesses. The character development may feel rushed or incomplete, but the ending of the anime leaves room for a sequel. If badminton is a hobby you enjoy, I encourage you to watch Salaryman’s Club and be inspired by the Badrymen!

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