Top 10 School Life Manga with Badass Mc/OP Mc!

school life manga with badass mc

So, do you love school manga where the main character beats the sh*t out of bullies or surprises everyone with his sudden power of strength?

If so, the list we’re about to show you is exactly right up your alley. Let’s get into the list of best school life manga with badass mc then.

School Life Manga with Badass Mc!

10. Sakamoto Desu ga?

Sakamoto Desu Ga?- School Manga with Badass Mc!

Sakamoto, a student, studying in Gakuban Prefectural High School, might be the coolest man you’ve ever encountered. He is perfect in every way, and even delinquents of the school can’t defeat him.

It is basically a plotless anime/manga because it always highlights the main character and how he does everything with his cool attitude.

For the people who only read manga with a good plot, this one might feel boring. Still, If you’re looking for a school life manga with op mc, this one might be your shot.

9. Beelzebub

Beelzebub- School Manga with Badass Mc!

Oga is a top delinquent known as a legendary badass devil for his action history in Ishiyama High School. But one day, he stumbles upon a baby born from the body of a person.

This cute baby is the future king of demons and is called Beelzebub. The baby finds Oga nearby, right when it was born, and clings to him, calling him father. Oga’s whole life turned upside down from here on.

After reading Beelzebub, your expectations on “badass mc in school” or “overpowered mc in school” will be flipped 180 degrees around. But it is pretty fun to read and will be a very refreshing one.

8. Crows

Crows- School Manga with Badass Mc!

Harumichi Bouya transfers to Suzuran high school, which is popularly known as Crows High School. Bouya strives to become the no.1 student in this school filled with delinquents and gangs.

The story of this manga moves a bit sluggish, but once you’re on track, there is no end to action and some jaw-dropping moments.

It’s amazing how this manga manages to avoid complexity and provides us with excellent moments and a storyline if you want to read a school life manga with badass mc, this one is right up your alley.

7. Worst

Worst- School Manga with Badass Mc!

Country boy Tsukishima moves to the city, and he is a strong, honest, and generous guy. He wants to become the strongest student in the school ruled by thugs led by clan logic. Will he be able to do it?

Worst manga has action, school life, and although the MC is overpowered, he is vulnerable, unlike the one from Crows manga.

This manga is a sequel to Crows manga. But we thought it’d be better to mention it separately because the story doesn’t relate much to Crows except for the timeline.

6. Irregular at Magic High School

Irregular at Magic High School- School Manga with Badass Mc!

The story takes place in a world where magic has become a technology, but the MC is a student without magic capability. How will he survive in the academy and face the upcoming threats?

From the title alone, you can say that something’s unique from the main character, and he is a genius. I love how the author made his character op despite having a major flaw.

This manga is a unique take on magic-based stories, and you have an overpowered main character (or should I call him a genius?). So, if you haven’t read this one yet, now’s the time.

5. Angel Densetsu

Angel Densetsu- School Manga with Badass Mc!

Seichirou Kitano is a kind boy born with the heart of an angel and resembles a devil with his face. Due to his villainous face, he becomes the leader of thugs in the school.

His friends have high expectations of him, but on the other hand, Kitano hates violence. With the unaware situation he is in, how will he deal with the upcoming troubles?

Angel Densetsu is a type of manga that punches quite an impactful blow at the reader. It makes you giggle a lot, and the way the MC gets misunderstood is truly hilarious.

If you love to read manga with delinquent settings, funny situations, and a powerful main character (at least in the way he fights), then this one is for you.

4. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom- School Manga with Badass Mc!

An octopus-like creature destroys 3/4th of the moon and threatens the military to destroy the earth in a year. The only way to save is to kill him, and that’s literally impossible even for the military.

Koro-sensei (octopus-like creature) joins the Kunugigaoka junior high’s class 3-E. The students have one year to kill him and save this world while they learn everything about assassination every day.

Assassination Classroom is one of the best anime/manga I’ve come across. Seriously, the concept alone would drag anyone into reading it.

It is action-packed, emotional, and you have an overpowered main character. If you haven’t read this one yet, you might as well do it right away.

3. Food Wars!

Food Wars! - School Manga with Badass Mc!

Yukihira Soma and his father run a small restaurant in their area and often compete in cooking (Soma ends up losing all the time, though). He determines himself to defeat his father one day.

When his father makes him study at the country’s most prestigious culinary academy, he doesn’t show much interest. But once he joins it, he finds out that this place is the one he needs to conquer first.

You must’ve been wondering why Food Wars is on the list of school life manga with badass mc. Well, Soma is definitely one of the most badass characters out there.

If you can remember his challenge against Shinomiya-senpai, you can pretty much have the goosebumps right away. So, if you haven’t read this one yet, try it out right away.

2. Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka- School Manga with Badass Mc!

Onizuka used to be a gangster who has a history of leading a motorcycle gang, and somehow, he became a teacher to a cunning class filled with delinquents.

On the one hand, the bullies try to drive him out of the school with their tricks, and on the other hand, the troubles from his past present themselves in front of him. How will he deal with them?

Putting aside the perverted nature of Onizuka, he’s quite badass. The concept is so simple, yet it feels so intriguing, and with the humor, moments, there won’t be a minute you’ll get bored.

In other words, this one is an adrenaline-filled school life manga with a badass main character. If you feel like reading classic manga from the 1990s, this is the best you can get from this genre.

1. Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers- School Manga with Badass Mc!

Takemichi Hanagaki finds out that his girlfriend from middle school has died at the hands of the Tokyo Manji Group. His life is already more than hard enough to deal with, but this hit him like a rock.

Somehow, he finds himself twelve years back in time and meets his girlfriend, Hinata. With this second chance, he won’t run again; instead, he fights back against Tokyo’s most sinister gang.

Tokyo Revengers is a gold-standard manga with some of the best main characters. Although it gets a lot of recognition, it is still underrated. If you’re looking for a school life manga with op mc with a good plot, this one is for you.

Let’s Conclude!

I’m pretty sure you’ve come across many school life action mangas. But we rarely get to see an overpowered or badass main character in them.

So, with this list of school life manga with badass mc, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Do you have any other manga on your mind? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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