Sol Levante Marks as the First Hand-Drawn 4K HDR anime!

sol levante

Sol Levante‘- an anime which marked in the anime history as the first hand-drawn 4K HDR. Even though it was only 4 minutes long, the visuals are just wow. In four minutes, it blows your mind, and it has become the most crucial anime on Netflix in only a few days. It’s basically an experimental anime project between Netflix and Production I.G to produce a first hand-drawn anime with 4K HDR quality.

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What is 4K HDR?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range Imaging. It allows improving the range of luminosity within a shot to increase color contrast and clarity. In 2016, Netflix first rolled out its HDR line up with the Marvel shows starting from Daredevil.

Why is Sol Levante relevant to the Anime industry?

sol levante

Even with a run time of only 4 minutes, it is filled with some genuinely visionary animation and stunning visuals. There isn’t much plot to think about, but the visuals are merely fantastic. Being an experimental project, Sol Levante has become a grand success for Production I. G in the anime industry.

If we go past a few years, we know how the animation used to be. And in the past few years, it kept becoming more and more beautiful with immense quality. And surprisingly, the animation quality of Sol Levante could be the next step to produce content using 4K HDR technology. And the advantage of 4K HDR over the present one is, it lets the artists draw perfectly rather than pushing the boundaries of design and art.

As you can watch the trailer of Sol Levante, it simply shows the glimpses of the exceptional plot coming to life. If the present anime studios consider the 4K HDR technology, the future of the anime industry will be nothing but bright. If you ask me which series would be perfect with the 4K HDR animation, I would prefer One-Piece.

Behind the scenes of Sol Levante!

Besides the four-minute stunningly visualized anime, Netflix also released some behind the scenes videos related to the Sol Levante production. Here you will see two videos regarding the behind scenes of the anime. The first one describes the efforts of the artists and the incredible arts behind that effort.

If you can see, the effort of making the 4-minute hand-drawn anime with 4K HDR  is speechless. It ultimately tells you how hard it is to create a single anime character.

And the second video reveals some detailed view on how the animation and 4K HDR with the fascinating audio made it even more spectacular. Well, What are your thoughts on Sol Levante? Did the animation and visuals impress you? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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