Solo Leveling Chapter 158 Release Date and Time Revealed!!

Solo Leveling Chapter 158 release date

Solo Leveling chapters 158 release date and time revealed!!

In this Era of fictional culture, who doesn’t know about solo leveling a manhwa from Kakao Page? This story gives us an MC (Sung Jin-woo) who is truly called an overpowered hero.

He doesn’t care who is up against; whether it’s the whole world or even the gods, you mess with his family and loved ones you are done for.

You all are excited about the next chapter, which might reveal some more twists to the story. Well, nothing to worry about; we will limit your patience by revealing the date for chapter 158.

Solo Leveling Chapter 158 Release Date!

Solo Leveling Chapter 158 will come out on 14 July 2021 if no issues are faced with an outmatched face-off. Timing may differ according to your region.

In the latest chapter, we see Choi jong-in having a bad vibe from the massive presence of the king of the beast (beast monarch) even after knowing that the goliath was there fighting him.

Overview of Chapter 157!

As the white tiger guild arrives at the subjugation site, they see the fight, and as Baek Yoon-Ho thinks of fully transforming but tremors in fear as his sixth sense goes crazy even from the sight of the beast.

As the fight, continues Thomas realizes that he is far off from the track of victory as the beast monarch reveals its true form.

Solo Leveling Chapters 158 Release Date!

After a few exchanges, Thomas is on the ground as he about to receive a heavy blow, but Lennart musters his power and hits the beast trying to save the goliath.  

Since the last few chapters, we can say that the true plot is revealing itself, pointing that in this story, the world might be up against some things they were worshipping the whole time.

The rulers or the monarchs who have been plotting things behind the back.As the story continues with more and more awesome and savage battles.

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Om Jha

I first got knocked down by Saitama and then finally 8 am in deep slumber because of Jin-woo. All these guys are just making me go crazy from each episode and chapter. A day without anime and manhwa can be like a manga all black and white but the imagination and curiosity go beyond the limits of this world.