Spirited Away Review: The Best Animated Film of all Time?

spirited away review

Spirited Away Review: Anime Ukiyo’s genuine opinion!

Considering Hayao Miyazaki has brought us some classic movies, yet we still admire Spirited Away so much. People who watch it the first time often get struck by a quality of generosity and some people might not get it.

However, it does not change the fact that Spirited Away is one of the best animated films to date and also the highest-grossing film in Japan. Let’s see why it is given such importance in the review more clearly.

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Spirited Away Review!

DirectorHayao Miyazaki
Studio Ghibli
Release DateJuly 20, 2001
Budget190 Crores JPY
Box Office35.55 Crores USD
Running Time125 minutes


The plot is pretty simple, and you won’t even need to stress yourself to figure things out. But it does bring out a lot from the anime with some hidden elements like where a few scenes point out to the culture. More importantly, both kids and adults can enjoy the story to their heart’s content. There really are that many movies out there that pull it off.

Most people just view the story as some kind of normal thing but when you look deep into it, you can unveil some amazing messages hidden in there. Hayao Miyazaki truly deserves such appreciation for making this into such a fascinating one. Once you start watching it, you’ll notice the same elements as I did.


There aren’t any particular introductions to the characters, but you’ll definitely feel some connection with them once you get halfway. Spirited Away anime didn’t focus much on the characters, but it did give a lot of importance. Every character shown from the beginning to the end has something to do with the premise. Personally, that’s what I loved the most about it.

The characters don’t have any backstories yet you can understand each of them so easily. Well, as I said in the beginning, there are only a few anime that can pull these off. So, the characters played a significant role in making this anime film such a renowned one.


The setting usually decides the theme of the anime these days and Spirited Away done an amazing job by implementing this aspect beautifully.

It doesn’t involve some sort of isekai world instead it introduces us to a creepy yet beautiful world filled with spirits. The amusement park in the beginning and the railway track setting, in the end, are two things that caught my eye.

It just feels so good to see such thoughts visually, and you can’t stop appreciating the creators for their efforts. I really think the setting of Spirited Away is so unique from the anime films I’ve watched till now. This is also one aspect that led us to write the Spirited Away review.


Finally, the main aspect responsible for Spirited Away’s success and recognition is here. Considering the anime film came out in 2001, you wouldn’t possibly expect such quality in animation. Yet it amazes you with such eye-catching artwork and makes you think how much effort did they actually put into making this masterpiece?

It’s detailed artwork and cinematography are simply out of bounds. For some reason, I found the artworks of characters very likable and there aren’t any flaws to search for either. As expected from the Oscar-winning anime movie in the Anime Featured category.


The background score for Spirited Away is flawless and even brings out a new angle from the film. There isn’t any particular music score to like but every one of them highlighted the scene associated with them. It adds more emotion to the scenes and shows them to you from a completely different perspective.

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