Spy x Family Anime Review: 5 Reasons Why It is a Splendid Ride!

Spy x Family Review

Genre: spy fiction, comedy
Creator: Tatsuya Endov
Synopsis: Twilight, A professional spy who gets hired by the Government of Ostania to spy on a Westalis political leader Denovan Desmond to prevent waging war between these two nations. To gather Intelligence on Denovan Desmond, Twilight has to fabricate a family to infiltrate Eden’s academy, where Denovan’s son Damian Denovan studies. Oblivious of the truth that the little girl he adopts is Telepathic and the woman he convinces to marry is a skilled assassin, Twilight initializes his Espionage Mission.

Let’s learn more about the anime and why it is worth your watch in our Spy x Family anime review!

Spy x Family Anime Review!

Spy x Family Anime Review!

It has been eons since we disentangled ourselves from the cobweb of thrill, mystery, fantasy, and action genres. In the agglomeration of customary plots of Demons and the Ninjas, ‘Spy x Family’ attested to be an anomaly. An action-packed espionage fiction mingled with an exhilarating tender-hearted story about the vicissitudes of a family.

After witnessing hardcore anime like Demon slayer, Attack on titans, and the Rising of the shield hero, it is good to have a change of pace and course to relieve ourselves from quintessential bloodshed. Although ‘Spy x Family’ also has some intense fighting sequences, the primary gist of the show remains the same.

Espionage based this anime consist of all required elements required in an anime to be successful such as a charming proficient spy, a skilled assassin, and a telepathic Five-year-old girl Anya Forger who knows the truth about her parents. The state of affairs in each character’s life coexists efficiently and compliments the storyline in a more scenic way.

If we go in the direction of animation, then yes, you can say it seems promising, though there aren’t very many intense sequences to conclude whether its animation quality is up to the mark or not. Still, the action sequences so far look adequate. As for music, it adds a soothing touch to the story’s gist.

Reasons To Watch “Spy X Family”

Combination of Intense Espionage and Ordinary Family Struggles

Spy x Family Anime Review!

The Amalgamation of family values and adherence to your goal is perfectly shown in this anime. How both the parents, “Twilight and Yor,” manage to take care of their adopted child “Anya” and manage their work is worth learning from this show.

Ride of Emotions

Spy x Family Anime Review!

As anime fans, we expect an anime to be full of action and emotions, ‘Spy x Family’ hold onto this stipulation very well. This anime represents a perfect blend of emotions, thrill, comedy, and family sentiments.

The bond shown in this anime between parent and child is vastly pure. The relationship between ‘Anya and Twilight’ gets very soft-centered as the story moves further.


Spy x Family Anime Review!

One of the prime highlights of this show is the relationship between parents and a child. Even though ‘Twilight’ was on an official mission and ‘Anya’ was the central part of that mission, he never forced her to adhere to his rules and regulations for his mission.

He never chastised her for being wrong or clumsy, he accepted her for who she was, and instead of scolding her for her failures, he cherished her hard work by celebrating. Aside from Twilight and Anya, the most lovely component of the show was the bond between Yor and Anya.

Even though Yor was not Anya’s real mother, and she only agrees to marry Twilight so that she could continue her profession as a skilled assassin, but Yor always protected and took care of her like her own daughter instinctively. The message that the creator has tried to convey through these plots is very explicit, ‘Bonds can exist outside Blood‘.

Perfectly Hilarious

Spy x Family Anime Review!

Humor is the one component of this anime that adds a nice comical aspect amidst the chaos of missions and assassinations. The character ‘Anya Forger’ will surely be able to put a smile on everybody’s face.

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