Top 10 Strongest Aliens In Ben 10 Universe Ranked!

Strongest Aliens in Ben 10 Ranked

Over the years, the alien species that Ben transforms into has become more and more powerful. Let’s try to list the strongest aliens in Ben 10 universe based on their physical strength and durability. 

Ben 10 started off a television cartoon series in 2005 created by Man of Action Studios and produced by Cartoon Network Studios. Over the years, the franchise has produced 5 films, 4 films over a span of 15 years, a record run for the franchise at Cartoon Network. The television series has a huge fan following.

The alien species that Ben transforms into has become more and more powerful. Let’s try to list the strongest aliens in Ben 10 universe based on their physical strength and durability. 

Strongest Aliens in Ben 10 Universe!

10. Rath

Rath- Strongest Aliens in Ben 10 Universe!

The Omnitrix sample is of an Appoplexian, the orange and white tiger-like humanoid species from the planet Appoplexia. Rath possesses enhanced physical strength—he can break through a solid wall and can lift heavy weights.

Rath also has a pair of black claws protruding out from the back of his wrists that can be used to slice through objects. These claws have high levels of durability (resistance to fire, for example).

Apart from this, Rath has a tremendous aggressive attitude, and often this affects Ben’s own personality when he takes this form. The feline features enable him to attain enhanced agility. 

9. Cannonbolt

Cannonbolt- Strongest Aliens in Ben 10 Universe!

This is the sample of the Pelarota species from the peaceful planet of Arburia. Cannonbolt is also one of the 10 aliens initially added into the Omnitrix. Pelarotas are usually white and bulky with yellow shell-like plating covering their back, wrists, shoulders and legs.

Their bodies are mostly covered in fur, with black fur often above and below their face and surrounding the natural armor. Owing to their plating, they can curl into a ball which they can maneuver like a motorized wheel, regularly using the momentum to slam into enemies or objects, destroying them in the process. In the ball form, they are invulnerable to attacks. 

8. Armodrillo

Armodrillo- Strongest Aliens in Ben 10 Universe!

This is a sample of a Talpaedan species from the planet Poiana Luncas in the Andromeda Galaxy. The characteristic feature of the Talpaedans is their armored mechanical body and jackhammer parts forming their elbows, hands, and wrists.

Armodrillo boasts of enhanced physical strength—using his jackhammer arms, he can easily drill into the earth and even solid rock. The jackhammer arms help him to slam into the ground and create earthquakes. Talpaedans have high durability owing to their armored skin. 

7. Ripjaws

Ripjaws- Strongest Aliens in Ben 10 Universe!

Ben named the Omnitrix version of the Volan species of the planet Pisciss as such. The planet being mostly water-based, the Volan species share features with the Earth’s shark, angler fish, eel, alligator, and even a leech.

They can change between their tail and a pair of legs. The primary weapons of Ripjaw are his sharp teeth and large jaws—capable of shredding even the strongest of metals.

Volans also exhibit high levels of endurance and can withstand deep-water pressure. Apart from this, Ripjaw also possesses enhanced strength—enough to punch holes into  a dock and tear apart metal doors with ease.  

6. Humungousaur

Humungousar- Strongest Aliens in Ben 10 Universe!

This is one of Ben’s favorite alien forms stored in the Omnitrix. Humungousaur is a dinosaur-like species known as Vaxasaurian from the planet Terradino. He possesses enormous strength and has the ability to grow towering over a good 60 feet, all the while increasing his natural strength.

He can throw objects to great altitudes, near orbit even, and can even jump great heights if needed. He also possesses highly durable skin which is resistant to high temperatures, blaster fire and heavy impacts.

His durable skin also allows him to survive the vacuum of space (if only for a limited period) and passage through dangerous force fields. 

5. Four Arms

Four Arms- Strongest Aliens in Ben 10 Universe!

A species of the Tetramand from the planet Khoros, Four Arms is another of the original 10 aliens stored into Ben’s Omnitrix. Tetramands are huge crimson humanoids having four arms (duh!).

Four Arms’ enhanced strength enables him to lift several times his weight and punch through metals with ease. His strength extends to his jaws, which can bite through metal if need be.

Four Arms has extreme durability as he can withstand great pressure and shows resistance to missiles, fire, and laser. He can jump great heights in a single leap and can create shockwaves  by clapping his hands to the ground. Four Arms has remained one of Ben’s favorite alien forms. 

4. Gax

Gax- Strongest Aliens in Ben 10 Universe!

For a limited time, Ben was able to harness the genetic data from Vilgax using the Omnitrix. Gax has features akin to that of the Chimera Sui Generis.

Technically, Gax is the other half of Vilgax and possesses physical traits similar to him, which are—inhuman strength as shown often when lifting heavy objects and even high durability as he can survive being drowned by lava. Gax was removed from the Omnitrix when united with the other half, Vil. 

3. Diamondhead

Diamondhead- Strongest Aliens in Ben 10 Universe!

Ben named his Petrosapien alien form from the planet Petropia as Diamondhead. His body is made of thick pale green high density organic crystal. He can control the atomic structure of his physiology at will that allows him to form his limbs into weapons such as blades or bludgeons.

The high density crystalline body makes him resistant to most weaponry and intense physical impact. He possesses immense physical strength, being able to overpower even Vilgax in a one-on-one brawl. His crystalline body renders him immune to various types of rays, as they can be reflected. 

2. Way Big

Way Big- Strongest Aliens in Ben 10 Universe!

The sheer size of this To’kustar sample got him the name. He is a colossal humanoid species who are ultra-rare and born in cosmic storms. Way Big is immensely strong, as he can easily destroy a small planet (a squad of To’kustars possibly having the potential to destroy a large planet).

Owing to the nature of his creation, he can survive in the vacuum of space and is highly durable when it comes to withstand attacks from weapons (barely feeling them) and resistance to extreme temperatures. Owing to their rarity, the Omnitrix doesn’t have much information on this species.  

1. Alien X

Alien X- Strongest Aliens in Ben 10 Universe!

The most powerful form in Ben’s arsenal of alien species is the Celestialsapien. Born at the Forge of Creation, this species is near invulnerable. Alien X possesses superhuman strength and durability.

When he becomes rigid, no other species apart from his own has the power to move him. Owing to his nature of creation, Alien X can survive the vacuum of space, destruction of the universe around him and even the destruction of a timeline. He can also regenerate his limbs and grow to gigantic size if need be.

Final Thoughts!

Well, that’s our take on the strongest of the weird aliens on Ben’s Omnitrix. What do you think of the list? Do you agree with this ranking or do you have anything to add to this? Do let us know in the comment box below.

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