Top 12 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters Ranked! [Accurately]

Strongest Fairy Tail Characters Ranked


Fairy Tail is one of the popular fantasy series of its time which takes the viewers on an adventure, following quests of protagonists and the bonds that they make on the way.

There are many strong characters that are introduced all along the series. The top 12 strongest Fairy Tail characters are ranked below.

Strongest Fairy Tail Characters!

12. Selene


Selene is the Moon Dragon God and the guild master of Diabolos. She can transform into a dragon and can make her surroundings appear as night. She uses teleportation magic to travel between dimensions and takes delight in the suffering of others. However, at last, she was killed by Ignia.

11. Misaki


Misaki is a Fifth Generation Dragon Slayer and a member of the dark guild Diabolos. She can take enemies to her Blue Dimension where time flows differently, where she tortures her enemies by making them feel pain worth of 24hrs in a matter of seconds.

10. Wendy Marvell

Wendy Marvell

Wendy is a first generation Sky Dragon Slayer who has been taught magic by Grandeeney. She can access Dragon force, possess healing magic and can enhance the powers of her comrades. After her fight with Irene, she can now use enhancement spells and separation magic.

9. Gray Fullbuster

Gray Fullbuster

Gray is one of the ice mages who can make ice and shape them into weapons. He also has Demon Slayer magic that he inherited from his father, which allows him to consume ice to replenish his strength.

With a habit of stripping, he is best friends with Natsu, even though it does not seem likely.

8. Mirajane Strauss

Mirajane Strauss

Mirajane is an S-class mage who possesses the Take-Over magic. She is literally a demon and, with her Satan Soul, can transform into different demons. Normally, she is sweet, but get on her bad side, and she will make anyone regret their decision.

7. Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet

Erza is an S-class mage and is regarded as ‘Titania’ and the ‘Queen of Fairies’. She possesses the magic of Requip that allows her to change into various armors according to the battle situations.

She has excellent swordsmanship skills and with her strength, she is still undefeated by Natsu. She is the only one who can keep both Natsu and Gray in discipline.

6. Brandish


Brandish is one of the Spriggan 12 who can shrink or enlarge any object, and through this, she has taken down entire continents.

Thankfully, she is neutral and has helped Fairy Tail in the 100-Year Quest. She only listens to Aquarius, whom she addresses as ‘Mistress’.

5. Gildarts Clive

Gildarts Clive

Gildarts is regarded as one of the most powerful and irresponsible mages in Fairy Tail. His specialty is a destructive magic called Crush, which can crush anything and anyone that he desires.

Even though he was attacked by Achnologia in his dragon form and seriously injured, he was able to survive due to his immense durability. Though he is perceived as a womanizer, he loves his daughter Cana immensely.

4. Irene Belserion

Irene Belserion

Irene, the mother of Erza, is one of the members of Spriggan 12 and created Dragon Slayer magic. She can enchant her soul into another person and is able to transform herself into a dragon.

Her prowess can transform the entire geography, and her massive magical abilities are well-known. Even her defeat was own doing, as she stabbed herself.

3. Zeref Dragneel

Zeref Dragneel

Zeref is the older brother of Natsu, who is also known as the Black Mage. He suffers from immortality due to the Curse of Contradiction which causes the surrounding area to be barren and kills anyone who he values at random, which is uncontrollable.

He creates various monsters in the hope that one will succeed in killing him, including E.N.D. Zeref is the only villain who can make the viewers feel sad for his past sufferings.

2. Natsu Dragneel

Natsu Dragneel

Also known as the Salamander, Natsu is a first generation fire Dragon Slayer. He learned this magic under the guidance of Igneel. He is hard-headed, friendly and a happy-go-lucky person who values his friends the most.

His carelessness often tends to destroy the whole fighting area, and he can consume any fire element to enhance his abilities and restore strength. He can also enter Dragon mode at will, giving him the same power as that of a dragon.

Over the years, Natsu has gained Lightning Fire Dragon, Black Fire Dragon mode and Fire Dragon King mode. 

1. Acnologia


Regarded as the Dragon King, Acnologia is the most powerful character who is bloodthirsty and has killed various dragons including Igneel. He is immensely strong with great speed and magic power who can transform into a dragon.

He can also replenish himself by ingesting any type of magic element, and becomes more powerful by consuming and bathing in the blood of the dragons that he kills.

His introduction was in the Tenrou Island Arc, and was killed by Natsu and the rest of the Fairy Tail after a fierce battle. Thus, Acnologia is the strongest character in Fairy Tail.

Final Thoughts!

With the news of the anime adaptation of the manga Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, there is a great chance that more strong characters will make an entrance.

So far, these are the characters that we personally find the strongest till date. I hope you could relate to it and relive many fond memories associated with this show. 

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