Top 10 Strongest One Punch Man Characters Ranked! [Anime Only]

Strongest One Punch Man Characters

If you’re wondering who is the strongest one punch man character, here’s the perfect list for you.

One-Punch Man is a Japanese superhero manga written by ONE. It is a comedy fiction that has lots of action as well. Saitama is the strongest and can defeat anyone with just one punch. The story focuses on how he goes in daily life and how it changes after joining the Hero Association.

After defeating a lot of villains, Saitama tries to find an opponent strong enough to be able to give him some competition. In this journey, Saitama meets many characters, be they fellow heroes or villains, who are very strong. Given below are the ten strongest One Punch Man characters ranked based on power level.

Strongest One Punch Man Characters Ranked!

10. Gouketsu 

Gouketsu- strongest one punch man characters ranked

Gouketsu is a Dragon-level mysterious being, and an executive member of the Monster Association is a very scary looking one of the series. Initially a human, he became a mysterious being after consuming a monster cell as it was the only chance to stay alive after being defeated by Monster King Orochi.

Gouketsu has three crows as his disciples and can transform into monsters. After disrupting the Super Fight, he defeated S-class hero Genos, two A-class heroes, Sneck and Lightning Max, and dragon-rank Bazukan. All four of his eyes move independently and can cover a large area that tracks the opponent’s movements.

Gouketsu’s mastery of martial arts is top-notch, especially when he demonstrates his strength and keen perception. Saitama defeated him by detaching his head from the body, landing in front of an injured Suiryu. 

9. Metal Knight 

Metal Knight- Strongest One Punch Man Characters Ranked!

Dr. Bofoi created Metal Knight, the 6th ranked S-Class superhero. He sits at a place, controlling and communicating through all his robots to get the work done. He did all the weapon sponsorship and the reconstruction of the facility after the monster attack.

Dr. Bofoi is interested in a high form of technology, seen through his collection of robots. Metal Knight tests his new weapons and missiles in various situations. Dr. Bofoi is a massive threat as the actual proportion of robot military and weaponry is unknown to anybody. 

8. Deep Sea King

Deep Sea King-Strongest One Punch Man Characters Ranked!

Deep Sea King is the ruler of the Seafolk who caused tremendous damage and terror on the Earth’s surface. He defeated A-Class hero Lightning max, S-Class hero Puri-Puri Prisoner, Sonic, Jet Nice Guy, Bunbun Man, Sneck, Genos, and Mumen Rider.

The rain during the battle made him more powerful, and arguably, if there had been no rain, Genos would have been able to trounce him. Deep sea king can release an eel-like creature from his mouth, used to bite and tear the opponents. He caused terror for those in the evacuation center of J-city before being taken down by Saitama. 

7. Bang 

Bang- Strongest One Punch Man Characters Ranked!

Bang, also known as Silver Fang, is 3rd in rank S-Class Heros. He is an older man, but don’t let that fool you, as he is one of the greatest masters in the martial arts world with a very muscular body.

Bang is a serious person who likes to assess the situation before doing anything. His immense strength allows him to create enormous craters with a single punch. His tremendous speed and reflexes were enough for the fastest S-Class hero to comment on.

He also created the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist, which is the “perfect combination of offense and defense,” as commented by Genos. Along with immense power, Bang is one of the strongest characters despite his age and appearance. 

6. Ancient Centipede 

Ancient Centipede- Strongest One Punch Man Characters Ranked!

Ancient Centipede, an executive member of the Monsters Association, is a Dragon-level mysterious being. He is very tactical and cautious compared to others of his kind. Ancient Centipede was able to easily handle Genos, Bang, and Bomb at the same time.

As one of the largest monsters, a hard shell guards his body, allowing him to armor himself against various attacks. He has regenerative abilities, acidic digestive fluids that can melt anything inside his stomach, and can molt himself to become stronger and bigger.

Due to his large size, Ancient Centipede causes mass destruction, and his tidal waves can destroy on a much higher level. 

5. Garou 

Garou- Strongest One Punch Man Characters Ranked!

Garou, the self-proclaimed “Hero Hunter,” is one of the strongest villains of the series. Previously, he was a disciple of Bang and got expelled as he went on a rampage. Garou is highly confident of his power and took down the Tank Topper Army, Tank Top Vegetarian, and S-Class hero Tank Top Master.

He can also mimic and learn his opponents’ moves and knows the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist from his master Bang. Garou’s deep hatred for heroes causes him to be a threat to humans and the heroes.

4. Boros 

Boros- Strongest One Punch Man Characters Ranked!

Boros, the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves, is an alien that faces an existential crisis as no battle is thrilling for him anymore. Boros came to Earth to find a suitable opponent for himself and died a satisfied death after having a great and exciting battle with Saitama.

The only opponent in the series who did not die from a single punch from Saitama is Boros. Several powers like energy projection, regeneration abilities, and power release make him a powerful opponent. Boros was also able to punch Saitama to the Moon from the surface of the Earth. 

3. Tatsumaki 

Tatsumaki- Strongest One Punch Man Characters Ranked!

Tatsumaki, also known as the Tornado of Terror, is the 2nd in rank amongst the S-Class heroes. Despite being arrogant and proud of her powers, everyone sees her as a child due to her petite figure.

She is the most powerful esper of the series, and her psychokinesis allows her to stop various powerful attacks. Bombs, increase in gravity, meteor-sized boulders, all are no match for her powers. 

2. Blast

Blast- Strongest One Punch Man Characters Ranked!

Blast is the 1st in the rank of S-Class heroes and the strongest of the heroes. He is the one who almost killed the Elder Centipede. Tatsumaki’s younger sister Fubuki states that Blast is a class of his own and can take on the rest of the S-Class heroes single-handedly.

Not much is known about him, but it is for sure that he is powerful enough to get an acknowledgment from Tatsumaki, who looks up to only him. 

1. Saitama

Saitama- Strongest One Punch Man Characters Ranked!

Saitama, the series’ main protagonist, is the strongest of the characters. He can take care of his opponents with a single punch. To reach where he is right now, Saitama followed a strict regime of daily exercises to the maximum level.

Saitama is humble and comical as he does not remember names or faces that he mispronounces often. His superhuman strength and stamina allow him to generate shockwaves, afterimages, run on water, etc.

No one in the series has been able to injure him. Saitama takes on monsters without much effort and does want fame for his actions. He does not care if people insult him but takes offense when someone calls him out for his baldness. 

Final Thoughts

Saitama has given us a lot of powerful characters who have vital roles in the series. Saitama teaches us that we should not care much about what people say but be more focused on doing good without wanting much fame.

It is a simple action anime with various comic elements that keeps the mood light and enjoyable. The third season of the anime is on the way, and there sure will be more strong characters to be appreciated. 

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