Sword of the Stranger Review: 7 Reasons Why it is a Must-Watch!

sword of the stranger review

Sword of the Stranger reviewAnime Ukiyo’s genuine opinion!

As you know, Sword of the Stranger is one of the best anime movies of all time, and also it was the best anime film of the year, 2007. It has both flaws and merits, but it never fails to amuse us. If you love watching action anime, then Sword of the Stranger will be a pleasant surprise to you.

While most people love this anime film, a small amount of them might end up disliking it. Before you get to a conclusion, why don’t you check our Sword of the Stranger review so that you can have a clear view of it? Let’s get on with the review then.

Sword of the Stranger Review!

Title Sword of the Stranger
Animation StudioBones
GenresAction, Historical, Samurai
DirectorMasahiro Ando
Release DateSeptember 29, 2007
Run time1hr 42 min

Simple Story but Well-Executed!

Sword of the Stranger has a simple story where the Ming Dynasty Emperor chase down a kid who ran off with his dog. On his journey, he stumbles upon a ronin and somehow ends up involving him in the fight. While the samurai protects the kid until he reaches his destination, the Ming Dynasty chases after them constantly.

It isn’t an amazing story with tons of plot twists or turns, but what makes the story worthwhile is its execution. The storytelling is too good, and even though they didn’t explain a few details regarding the immortal elixir, we still enjoyed it a lot. So, we think the storyline of this anime film is worth checking for.

Epic Choreography (Action-wise)

sword of the stranger review

This aspect is one of the reasons why people admire this film so much. Obviously, since it is an action anime film that revolves around a ronin, the action is to be expected. And got to admit that it didn’t let us down even for a moment. The smooth animation made the action scenes even more worthwhile.

While other aspects did their part, action stood out from the rest in the end. Studio Bones once again gave us a stunningly visualized action film with its utmost efforts. So, we think the action is an important aspect in our Sword of the Stranger review. After all, that’s what the audience would expect from this film.

The Artwork

As to how we talked about the animation just now, the next factor we tend to go to is the artwork. The artwork in the film felt so unique for some reason, and it isn’t over-stylized. It shows the emotions of the characters perfectly, and it felt like the artists have spent numerous sleepless nights to make them this perfect.

Sure, this is not the best artwork we’ve seen until now but definitely one of the best out there. So, we think the artwork deserves an appreciation through our Sword of the Stranger review. And we hope you’ll like it when you watch this movie.

The Setting

The setting is the most crucial aspect in any anime or movie because it determines the whole story. Not just the story but how the characters should interact with one another and also influences the entire tone of the anime.

sword of the stranger review

In this anime, the setting is pretty amazing, and it perfectly matches with the animation. Or we should say, Studio Bones lived up to our expectations? Anyway, for the people who like historical settings and Japanese culture, this film will be a treat for their eyes.

Appreciable Music

This anime has an unnoticeable background score but if you listen to it closely, especially during the action scenes, it feels epic. And most of the instants, it feels like a mix of Chinese and Japanese music.

Though you won’t get to notice the music in the first few minutes of the movie, at some point, you’ll definitely feel it. There are a couple of Ost in the anime which will catch your eye easily. So, if you’re wondering whether music is a good aspect for this one, from our Sword of the Stranger review, we assure you that you’ll love it.

A Perfect Antagonist

In this film, there is a character named Luo-Lang, who seemed quite interesting right from the beginning. To make one series better, it must need a good protagonist and a cruel antagonist.

Luckily, we got both of them in this anime, and the opposing forces have some good fighters, but the antagonist was on a different level.

sword of the stranger review

The antagonist is in search of a swordsman who can duel with him relentlessly. Unfortunately, no one was able to do that until now except our protagonist. So, we think, Luo-Lang made this anime film even more interesting.

Treat for Samurai Fans

There are a few good samurai anime out there, and it is hard to find one too. But for the people who want some samurai action will immediately find it fantastic. Once the story gets into action mode, it will be a treat for your eyes. The swordplay in this anime felt really amazing, and the flashy moves that the characters used were top-notch.

If you love watching anime with some skilled protagonist and antagonist, then you’re in for a treat. Thus, in our Sword of Stranger review, we think the setting is made for samurai fans. So, make sure to watch this film if you haven’t yet. If you liked our Sword of the Stranger review, feel free to visit us often.

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