The Seven Deadly Sins Manga Ends in May with its 41st Volume

The Seven Deadly Sins

Recently, The Seven Deadly Sins has been getting more attention than it was before. The reason is the fourth season is the finale for the show. But due to some issues, the animation of The Seven Deadly Sins was terrible from the previous five episodes. This animation quality is one of the flaws and making viewers decrease day by day. Most of the people even starting to read the manga just because of the lousy quality of animation.

The Seven Deadly Sins Manga Comes to an End!

We might not be able to enjoy the finale of The Seven Deadly Sins visually, but we can at least it by reading its successful manga. The point that needs to make sense here is the manga is going to end in May, making it a whole of 41 Volumes.

The 40th volume of Nakaba Suzuki‘s Seven Deadly Sins manga confirms that the manga ends soon in May, which is going to ship on May 15. There was a color printing proof for the 40th volume, which was posted last Thursday. This proof left a hint in which Suzuki said that the manga has “one more volume is left,” and also, there are rumors that Suzuki is working on a new project.

The Magazine that officially publishes the manga of The Seven Deadly Sins previously stated in May that Chapter 315, known as “Farewell, The Seven Deadly Sins,” would be the finale. But instead, the manga continued with more of its chapters. In 2018, Suzuki stated in an interview of Kadokawas Da Vinci magazine that he is planning to on giving a conclusion to the manga in about a year with a worthy climax. He even stated that he has been planning the ending since the start of the manga, and he says it will be a Shonen Worthy ending.

The manga began serializing in 2012 in Kodansha‘s Weekly Shonen Magazine, and as for now, Crunchyroll is posting its new chapters as they appear in Japan. Following the manga, the television anime series of The Seven Deadly Sins began premiering in 2014 and later aired in 2015. Netflix also streamed both the English dub and Japanese audio episodes. Currently, season four of Seven Deadly Sins, known as The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods, is running and heading towards its climax.

Animeukiyo describes the story of The Seven Deadly Sins as follows:

The story starts with The Princess of Liones Elizabeth, who goes in search of legendary warriors known as “The Seven Deadly Sins” to reclaim her kingdom, which was overthrown by the Holy Knights. As she finds the Captain of the seven deadly sins, they both go on a journey to gather the rest of the sins.

Well, the news about the manga’s end is sad news for both anime lovers and manga lovers as well. But everything has to end at a specific time, and some good anime series ends a little soon. Instead of hoping for more volumes, let’s hope the manga should end beautifully rather than making us shed tears. Stay tuned for more updates!

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