Top 10 American Anime You Shouldn’t Be Missing Out!

best american anime

We have always been watching Japanese anime, and it was an amusement all these years. And for a change, we even tried watching Chinese anime.

So, how about watching American-made anime for another change? Here we bring the list of the best American anime you can watch.

Best American Anime!

10. Ultraman

Ultraman- Best American Anime!

Shin Hayata has no idea of how he became an Ultraman, and to his surprise, he even saved the world from the Kaijus.

When the aliens invade the world again, he finds the Ultrasuit passed on by his father to save the world once again.

Ultraman is a sequel to Ultraman: A Special Effects Fantasy Series. It is made by the crew from both Japan and American countries.

It has spectacular battles, and even though it lacks a bit of humor side, you can still enjoy it till the end.


RWBY- Best American Anime!

The story sets in the world of Remnants, where humanity is fighting back against creatures known as Grimm.

Four teenage girls with different abilities form a team RWBY and train themselves to fight against these monsters.

RWBY is a pleasant surprise for me as I didn’t have any expectations on it. The first two seasons were pretty exciting, but from the third, it clearly went to a whole new level.

In my opinion, it is pretty much an underrated American anime. If you stumble upon this anime by mistake, consider yourselves lucky.

8. The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner

The story takes place in the year 2001 in Afghanistan, where the Taliban create terror from day to day. Parvana’s father gets captured by them in an incident.

Now it is all up to Parvana to feed her family, and in this cruel environment, a slight hope arises. But can ‘will’ alone lead her out of this misery?

The Breadwinner is a movie that is not for everyone. The story hits you right on the spot, and the animation is remarkably done.

The story is well-crafted, and while some moments make you bawl your eyes out, some feel delightful. Watch this 2D animated movie if you haven’t yet.

7. Voltron: Legendary Defender

Voltron: Legendary Defender- Best American Anime!

Five teenagers when sent into space, discover robotic lions of Voltron left by some people ten thousand years ago.

Now they must act as the last line of defense of this galaxy in the battle against evil King Zarkon.

If you’ve heard lots of negative reviews on this anime, we suggest you ignore those and watch this one anyway.

It does start well and goes downfall later, but it is still fun to watch. After all, it is one of the best American anime shows.

6. Vixen

Vixen- Best American Anime!

Vixen is about a DC superhero who fights against crime with the ability to mimic any animal on the Earth.

The two things I like in this anime are the animation and voice actors. The animation is terrific, and the voice actors did a great job.

If you haven’t watched Vixen yet, you should probably consider doing it right away.

5. Red vs. Blue

Red vs. Blue- Best American Anime!

In the year 2552, a violent age of civil war among humans began. Two armies calling themselves Reds and Blues fought in the galaxy.

If you want to have some good laughs or want to witness a hilarious American anime show, then Red vs. Blue is the one you’re looking for.

You’ll probably watch it, over and over again because it is extremely good and there is no word called ‘disappointment in its dictionary.

4. The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince- Best American Anime!

The story centers around two half brothers and an elfin assassin who embark on a journey to bring peace to the land of Xadia.

The Dragon Prince had to be one of the best fantasy anime shows of the generation. It is incredible in every way, and the action scenes are pretty darn good.

It is a show for all ages regardless of age because everyone loves the way it takes the story and can’t help but watch it again.

3. Castlevania

Castlevania- Best American Anime!

The beloved wife of DraculaLisa Tepes is accused of witchcraft and burned alive by the people of Wallachia.

Enraged Dracula unleashes the army of demonic creatures from hell to avenge his wife.

Castlevania is one of the few shows to impress me with the adaptation of a video game. I love how it doesn’t focus on a limited budget.

You can see the efforts of the cast clearly from the anime and if you haven’t watched it yet, better do it now.

2. The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra- Best American Anime!

The story sets after 70 years after the events of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and follows a girl named Korra who moves to Republic City to master the final element: Air.

With the help of Aang’s son Tenzin, she moves forward to destroy the evil forces that threaten the very existence of her and the people she loves.

If you think this is just a sequel for Avatar: The Last Airbender, you’re utterly mistaken. It explores a completely different set of characters and world.

But if you’ve watched Avatar anime, then this one is going to be a pleasant surprise for you.

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender- Best American Anime!

The story follows Aang, a twelve-year-old Avatar and the last survivor of the nation, the Air Nomads. He sets on a journey along with his friends to stop the Fire Nation’s War.

Avatar used to be our childhood companion, just like Doraemon and Dragon Ball. Even though it is American-based, it has lots of Japanese influences.

Particularly, the visuals resemble Japanese animation. If you haven’t watched this masterpiece yet, we suggest you do it right away.


Japanese anime shows are fantastic in every way, but sometimes it is necessary to check out some hidden masterpieces from other countries as well.

Avatar: The Last Airbender from America, Mo Dao Zu Shi from Chinese, and likewise are some anime shows we must watch at least once in our lifetime.

So, are you justified with our list? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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