Top 10 Manga with Evil MC Worth Reading!

Manga with Evil MC

While there are so many manga main characters like overpowered, romantic, loners, and delinquents, we choose to read the manga with Evil main characters.

So, what are the best manga with evil MC? If you’re wondering the same, we’ve got the perfect list waiting for you. Let’s get into it.

Best Manga with Evil MC!

10. Redo of Healer

Keyaruga is a healer, but used as a slave by the princess of the kingdom. Later on, he gets a chance to rewind time and comes back in time with memories intact. He has terrific plans in mind for the revenge.

It’s basically a revenge-themed manga with lots of sex. But the whole story goes in a good pace, and you’ll be cheering on for the main character. If you’re looking for a manga with Evil MC, this is one of the best manga with evil genius mc recommendations we can provide you.

9. Prison Lab

Eyama is a victim of endless bullying and as a blessing from a heaven, he receives an invitation for a Captivity game where he can choose a captor and imprison him for a month.

He gets all the funds to purchase and once he finishes the task, he can grow filthy rich. Obviously, he decides to pick the ringleader of the bullies, Kirishima, as the captor, but she refuses to be so and would do anything to escape.

Prison Lab is an out of ordinary manga, yet it delivers the right amount of entertainment if you’re looking for manga with Evil MC. There is nothing extraordinary about it, but the story flows well through the end and gives you a good read.

8. The Hero Laughs While Walking the Path of Vengeance a Second Time

The hero Kaito who was summoned to another world gets betrayed by his own comrades and when the Holy Sword of Vengeance activates, it turns back time when he entered this world. Now Kaito fears no one and with only revenge in his mind, he does anything to make them pay.

If you’re sick of isekai manga where MC gets transported and saves the world while hanging out with a bunch of chicks, this one is just right for you. This manga provides you a fantastic revenge experience and portrays Kaito as a perfect Evil protagonist.

7. Revenge Classroom

Ayana Fujisawa has suffered from brutal harassment from her classmates and when she is just waiting for the nightmare to stop, it goes overboard, and she gets admitted to hospital.

Then she realizes, if she doesn’t fight back, then things might get even worse and somehow, she might even get killed. So, Ayana decided to seek revenge on those who bullied her and the ones stood idly and laughed to their heart’s content.

We don’t get these type of manga with Evil MC very often. The bully fighting back and ruining the lives of enemies is a great thing to witness, since we feel sorry for the victims. It has a great story along with good artwork and spectacular character development.

6. Junk: Record of the Last Hero

High school student Hiro was always abused at the hands of bullies, and he got so sick of it. One day, he received a strange gadget named JUNK in the mail. Upon equipping it, he was granted immense power, speed, and agility. Instead of becoming a hero, he chose the path of revenge.

The main character is pretty much a super-self absorbed guy who kills anyone who gets in his way. I think you know why it is on the list of manga with evil MC now. Although it is short, it has good actions scenes and the concept is well executed.

5. Code Geass

Lelouch is an exiled prince hiding from the Brittanian Empire who can assassinate him anytime. However, during an incident, he gets the power of Absolute Obedience. With newfound power, he turns ruthless and demises the plan to bring down Britannian Empire.

Although Lelouch doesn’t entirely fall into the category of Evil MCs, he does many unforgivable things. Regardless, this story in a whole is a masterpiece and even if you have watched the anime, manga would give you a great reading pleasure.

4. Aku no Kyouten

Hasumi Seiji teaches English at a high school, and he’s adored by his students for being such a capable teacher who solves everything at his school. However, underneath the charming face, a manipulative, and psychopathic personality lies which goes beyond darker to achieve his goal.

Despite being a Seinen manga and delivering some gruesome scenes, this manga has an evil main character. We’re pretty sure most people don’t like a psychopath being a badass/evil character, but if you’re into such things, this one might be just what you’re looking for.

3. Overlord

Momonga stays in his favorite MMORPG until his last moments, but instead of getting logged out, he got stuck in it. But what if he’s the villain of his own story?

Momonga is popular for being a ruthless and overpowered main character. If you’re going to read this manga, you have to bear with the art a bit in the beginning. You’ll love it overtime, for sure.

2. The Saga of Tanya Evil

An average Japanese employee gets reincarnated into a world with warfare for challenging a self-proclaimed god. However, he did not decide to run away, instead will do anything to rise among the ranks and conquer the world.

You know when a character opposes even god, he/she is insanely badass. Tanya in this manga is ruthless, crazy, and does anything she wants to achieve. So, if you’re looking for an isekai manga with badass MC, try it out.

1. Death Note

When a Shinigami drops a Death Note (people die if their names are written on it) into the human world, a genius high schooler named Light Yagami finds it and decides to eliminate crime in the world by killing the criminals. But when a detective named L starts to discover his Identity, a game of two masterminds begin.

Before saying how good this manga is, let us explain why it is a manga with evil MC. Although light starts out to be an ideal character initially, soon he does some unimaginable things that make him evil. It is a mind-blowing story with twists and turns included in every chapter; so don’t miss it.

Final Thoughts!

There you go—the best manga with Evil MC. We’ve enjoyed reading all these manga and hope you’ll have the same reading pleasure. We’re pretty sure there are many manga from this genre which do not exist on the list.

So, what do you think? Do you have any other Evil MC manga on your mind? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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