Tower of God Anime Season 2 Announced with a Trailer!

tower of god season 2

Crunchyroll recently announced that a new season of Tower of God will get a new season. The news comes as a pleasant surprise for many, with the first season being a slam dunk among fans.

To confirm the news Crunchyroll released a trailer which serves as a summary of the previous season so try to avoid the spoilers besides that there is not enough information past the fact that it will be released on Crunchyroll.

The first season of the show was directed by Takashi Sano, its story was penned by Erika Yoshida with the artist being Masashi Kudo, and lastly the character design was done by Miho Tanino.


If he has any chance of reuniting with his best friend Rachel, Twenty-Fifth Bam must journey skyward in a mysterious tower, even at the cost of his life. Unwilling to lose her, as she disappeared mysteriously right before his eyes, she warned Bam to forget all about her. Bam enters the tower only to find himself surrounded by Shinsu—a holy and magical water, at his own risk.

While the production of the show is under wraps, it might take a few months for us to learn a lot more of the details of the upcoming chapters. With the little information that has been given, it would be optimistic to point towards the end of 2023 for the premiere.

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