Tower of God Delays for At least Another 6 Months!

Tower of God has been on hiatus since June 2020 and there hasn’t been any commotion on when the next chapter might release. Writer SIU suddenly took this break after chapter 485 and we haven’t known any info since then.

Unfortunately, we have bad news for Tower of God manhwa lovers. It seems you need to wait more than six months before you get an update on the next chapter. Because the writer SIU clearly mentioned about the long break he’s going to take in his latest announcement.

Tower of God Delays Again!

Though the next chapter of Tower of God was supposed to come in November, there has been a delay until now and the reason is the Manhwaga SIU’s condition isn’t as good as it used to be. In the recent announcement, he confessed that when he was working on resuming the hiatus, he had a pain in his right arm.

But then, the results weren’t that serious to delay it for more than a month. However, later on, the pain in his right arm has become worse, and he went for a checkup again. This time, there is another issue of diagnosis and if he continues to do this any longer, he not only experiences pain during work but also in his daily life.

tower of god siu

The doctor suggested him not to continue the work for at least six months to avoid such an outcome. SIU also mentioned that he felt sad after hearing this because he already prepared 10 chapters to make a comeback after the hiatus and a studio is waiting for him to publish.

He still thought of working on the chapters by reducing the workload, but the pain in his right arm persisted him not to. It affects both his personal life and professional life. At last, he decided to extend the hiatus for another six months.

SIU apologized (he doesn’t need to.) for this sudden extension of hiatus and he promised to bring us joy in various ways until he gets better. Well, time passes a lot faster than we think. So, more six months shouldn’t be that hard to endure.

Since the writer’s health is more important, we just had to wish he gets better soon and delivers his miraculous content like he used to. Anyway, if there are any more updates regarding Tower of God manhwa, we’ll be sure to update them. Until then, stay tuned for more updates.

Source: SIU’s Official Blog

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