Ultraman Manga Gets A Smartphone Game In Spring (2020)

ultraman be ultra

New Ultraman game for ios and Android will release in this Spring

The new announcement from Tsubaraya Productions on the new smartphone game ULTRA: BE ULTRA  basing on the manga of Ultraman is a surprise for the gamers and as well as anime lovers. It is an action RPG game that will focus on the three Ultra heroes and the different characters from the anime of the first season.

For the people who are excited for the game can pre-register and get 650 individual points in the game as early access. In order to get those, you need to follow the official twitter account of the game. And the game’s tagline is going to be “You Are Ultraman.” The studio even launched some clips showing the gameplay of Ultraman. You can watch them here:

The anime’s adaption is from the Ultraman manga from 2011, and it is a direct sequel to the original series of Ultraman of 1966. It sets after the several years of events from the original series, and the anime follows Shinjiro Hayata, son of Shin Hayata, the one who hosts the Ultraman. And soon, with the appearance of a new alien, an unknown threat arises. Now it is up to Shijiro to follow in the footsteps of his father as Ultraman.

With season 1 being fantastic, the studio confirms the second season, and it comes mostly in the fall of 2020. The first season of I is currently streaming on Netflix, and its likely second season will also be premiering on Netflix as well.

Features :

  • A Competitive game which pits you against the other similarly skilled operative.
  • You can either choose to become a citizen and fight for justice or can be a doomed knight.
  • Eight various special skills to help to overcome any obstacle.
  • You can create your character to earn fame and fortune.
  • Team up with your friends in exciting combat and defeat the opponents with combined attacks.

These features are as per the assumptions based on the previous version of the game. When they announce the full details, I’ll be sure to update them.

And there are even some special moves, where you can use them against ultimate players or villains such as:

  • Specium Ray
  • Ultra Slash
  • Ultra Attack Ray

With all the visuals from the gameplay teasers, it sure seems to be an excellent game for those who love action games. If you want to play it as soon as it releases, pre-register it immediately from the official twitter account of the Ultraman.

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