Violet Evergarden Movie Confirms 2020 Release Date With an Exciting Trailer!

violet evergarden movie

Violet Evergarden movie is finally back with a trustworthy announcement!

It’s been a long while since we’ve seen our beautiful Violet on our screens. Back in 2017, the first time we witnessed the stunning character design with a good blend of CGI and all thanks Kyoto Animation. However, there have been many obstacles blocking the path of Violet Evergarden movie. The disaster of KyoAni and now COVID-19 have been the pains in the neck until now. But we no longer have to suffer the anxiety after going through an emotional ride with a 14-episode series. The thing is Violet Evergarden movie will glare the screens soon.

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Violet Evergarden Movie Release Date has Been Revealed!

Following the tragedy of KyoAni’s Studio Building, the movie was postponed to January. And when it finally slated its release date to April 24th, there was the ultimate obstacle. Once again, it delayed due to the ongoing complications of COVID-19. And now for the third time, the official twitter account of Violet Evergarden movie confirmed its release with more confidence. The film is scheduled to release on September 18, 2020.

Back in May, Japan lifted the emergency lockdown, and now it seems the facilities like Theatres are in a good run. So, this time, the new release date has a high probability of success. But to celebrate the film’s final confirmation, the studio has also released a brand new trailer that included astounding visuals and an emotional storyline. Here’s the trailer, if you want to take a look:

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any word regarding the release date of Violet Evergarden movie in other countries. The only reason for that is all the countries have been suffering a lot by COVID-19, and considering the circumstances, it might take a while to get the information. However, at least we got a confirmation of Violet Evergarden movie for now. So, we do have a little hope of watching it in our favorite screens after this pandemic ends once and for all.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’re all doing well at your locality. Make sure you stay safe from the effects of COVID-19 and catch up with the Violet Evergaren movie later in the screens near your region. Now then, are you excited about the movie? Do you think it’ll become one of the most grossing films in the world? And more importantly, will this release date remains or postpones again? Let us know your thoughts from the comment section below.

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