Way of the Houseband Manga Gets Live-Action Film in 2022!

way of the houseband live action release date

Release Date: Summer 2022!

Sony Pictures Entertainment recently announced that The Way of the Houseband manga created by Kousuke Oono will be getting a live-action movie adaptation in summer 2022.

It seems that the cast members of the previous live-action series will be resuming their roles, and the franchise also announced new cast members.

way of the houseband live action

Cast Members Include (previous and new):

  • Tamaki Hiroshi as Kuroda Tatsu
  • Kawaguchi Haruna as Kuroda Miku
  • Shison Jun as Akamiya Masaru
  • Shiratori Tamaki as Kuroda Himawari
  • Naoto Takenaka as Kikujiro Eguchi
  • Izumi Inamori as Ibari
  • Kenichi Takito as Torajiro
  • Yuta Furukawa as Sakai
  • Junpei Yasui as Sadohashima
  • Tina Tamashiro as Yukari
  • Megumi as Tanaka
  • Michiko Tanaka as Ota

Crew Members Include:

  • Director: Toichiro Ruto
  • Screenwriter: Uda Manabu
  • Producer: Ikeda Kenji

The first live-action series was premiered in October 2020, and the second one will be premiering the following summer (2022). There is also an anime adaptation of the manga if you like to view it.

So if you’ve watched the first live-action, there is no way you wouldn’t be excited for this one. What do you think about the upcoming one? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Source: Anime News Network!

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