6 Best Anime  Made by  Kyoto Animation!

Violet has been used as a military weapon ever since she was a child. But Gilbert gave her a good life, and in his final moments,  she couldn't understand the meaning of "I Love You"

1. Violet Evergarden

By far, Violet Evergarden is the best work of KyoAni from the Animation department. I bet you can't hold your tears by the end, and it is a masterpiece.

When a daily office worker named Kobayashi gets drunk and saves a dragon, she decides to pay the debt by working as a maid. Witness this beautiful journey as it involves lots of pleasant moments.

2. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

If not for anything else, watch this anime for Kanna Kamui (an adorable character). The animation is splendid, and it provides you with a heartwarming storyline.

A group of friends who ruled the swimming relays in elementary school are reunited after growing up and decide to start a swimming club. How will it go?

3. Free!

This anime is made to appeal to girls, and since it has many hot main characters, you'll never stop simping for them. It's a pretty good sports anime to watch.

After transferring to a new school, a deaf girl named Nishimiya gets bullied by Shoya. But after a few years, he realizes his wrongdoings and seeks redemption from her.

4. A Silent Voice

A Silent Violent is a tear-jerker anime movie with a relatable storyline. The characters make you love it over time, and it gets better and better with each minute.

The story revolves around Yuuko, Mio, and Mai. Their lives are anything but ordinary as they enjoy their days with utmost carelessness. How funny can it get with them?

5. Nichijou: My Ordinary Life

Nichijou is a hilarious anime with lots of cute moments. The animation is unique, and the characters' designs are funny. If you feel like watching a funny KyoAni anime, try it out.

Akihito is a half-immortal living in a world of supernatural living beings. On the other hand, Mirai is a Spirit World Hunter. How do these two lives get intertwined?

6. Beyond the Boundary

Beyond the Boundary may lack a thing or two overall, but the animation is simply stunning & breathtaking. It presents you with a perfect supernatural world and a pretty exciting anime to watch.

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