5 Best Romance Anime You Must Watch!

1. Horimiya

Miyamura and Hori lead double lives and always hide their true selves. When Miyamura gets close to her because of her little brother, their lives seem to change.

Horimiya is the perfect romance anime that doesn't drag out the story at all. The characters are so unforgettable, the interactions are beautiful, and you'll never get over it. 

2. Fruits Basket

Tohru is a misfortunate girl who had to live in a tent after her mother passed away. But one of her classmates named Yuki offers her shelter, and she discovers the secret of their clan.

Fruits Basket is the most heartwarming anime I've ever seen. Every moment fills the empty void in your life. Everything about it is so perfect, and you can't find another anime like this.

3. Bloom into You

Yuu awaits for the day who can make her heart flutter, and when she enters high school, she admires the student council president Nanami. But the next moment, she confesses to Yuu.

Bloom into You is a splendid Yuri anime that gives more value to the characters' feelings than just romance. The story is so beautiful and the best I've seen in this genre.

4. Kaichou wa Maid-sama

The Seika High Schoo’s presidentl, which has recently become Co-ed, strives to make girls' lives easier. But one day, the school's hottie Usui finds out her little secret. 

Maid-sama! is a kind of romance anime where both genders can enjoy it equally. It hits you with lots of funny and cute interactions between the characters.

5. Kimi no Todoke

Sawako is ignored and feared by her classmates just because she resembles Sadako from "The Ring." But the class's hottie Kazehaya gets closer to her and brings her out of the shell.

The way this anime is presented is so wonderfully sweet and it gets appealing right from the first episode.You can't help but love every moment of it, and the main leads are the cutest together.

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