5 Amazing Manhwa like  Solo Leveling 

Yeonwoo's brother disappeared years ago trying to clear the Tower of the Sun God. But when he finds his brother's pocket watch, he discovers that there's more to his brother's death. Yeonwoo begins to climb the tower and levels up to avenge the people who betrayed his dear brother.

1. Second Life Ranker

Similarities:  The same type of world with monsters, levels, and abilities. Mc is a pure badass, just like Sung Jin-woo.  Both MCs use necromancy-related abilities. Both have dungeons that'll help you level up faster.

The unrivalled King Grey has reborn into a fantastical world with magical elements after getting assassinated. He got a loving family and caring friends in this life, but the world is in grave danger. Can he protect them with his strength while finding out about the will he's been promised to hold?

2. The Beginning After the End

Similarities:  Both MCs are badass who and if you harm their families, even hell will sound better. Both get strong from weak and learn a lot from experiences.  Both have dungeons and monsters to improve their fighting prowess. 

The MC is a healer, and he can neither defend himself nor slay the monsters in a dungeon. But during a mission, everyone in his team gets killed except him. Now he's got a sword, and with the help of that, he upgrades his abilities. Now how will he evolve as a hunter?

3. The Blade of Evolution: Walking Alone in the Dungeon

Similarities: Both have similar storylines that set in a world with monsters and dungeons.  Both MCs become stronger through a near-death experience. They both evolve from being trash hunters to overpowered ones.

Woojin gets betrayed and killed by his dear comrades with who he shared the life and death experience. Now he got a second chance to start over, and his sights are set on revenge. He begins to level up alone and gain enough strength to take them head-on. How will he plan his revenge?

4. Kill The Hero

Similarities: As usual, both MCs are badass and don't give a sh*t to anyone.  We got dungeons, monsters, and a unique system for the main characters. Both protagonists use necromancy as their abilities and are given a second chance at life.

It's been 10 years since the world has changed as monsters emerged from dungeons. Lee Sung Hoon worked as bait for the hunters to pay for her mother's sickness. During an incident, he regains his previous life's memory and guess what? He is a sorcerer king with absolute knowledge of magic. 

5. I am The Sorceror King

Similarities: This webtoon is pretty much identical plot-wise, and we have dungeons, monsters, portals, etc.  Both MCs are weak in the beginning and become stronger after an incident.  Both MCs have something unique in their hands compared to other hunters.

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