5 Amazing Webtoons like The Boxer to Read!

manhwa/webtoons like the boxer

The Boxer is a phenomenal manhwa about a depressed superhuman winning boxing matches. The story, the connection with the characters, and the artwork, all are splendid.

So, if you’re looking for some amazing manhwa/webtoons like The Boxer, then this list will help you find some good recommendations. Let’s get into the article then!

Manhwa/Webtoons like The Boxer!

Weak Hero

Manhwa like Boxer

The story sets in a school ruled by bullies, and once if any of the students become a target for them, it’s over. In such a school, a new student named Gray joins, and from this moment, everything changes.

From the moment where a bully messes up with him, he teaches these bullies a lesson. Although he looks weak, his calculative and manipulative fighting abilities are no joke.

Weak Hero is also a Korean action manhwa with a weak-looking main lead, but he is quite overpowered, just like Yu from The Boxer.

Also, both the main characters have interesting backstories, which give them a reason to survive. So, if you’re looking for a manhwa/webtoons like The Boxer, then try this one out.

Ultimate Outcast

Ultimate Outcast- Webtoons like The Boxer

Kang Haneul was a normal student until one day he has become an outcast due to bullies. He didn’t like his life, but one day, his close friend becomes a rape victim for the same bullies.

From this moment on, he decides to become strong no matter what and get revenge on them. But who’d be willing to teach martial arts to an outcast like him? And how exactly will he avenge her friend?

Both of these webtoons show a similar MC whose character has the potential to become a total badass, and they turn badass in the coming chapters.

There is also a crazy and freaking strong antagonist that no one can beat in both of these webtoons. So, if you’re looking for a manhwa/webtoons like The Boxer, try this one out.

Green Boy: Shouting to You

Green Boy: Shouting to You- Webtoons like The Boxer

Jae-in is a strong and irrepressible girl who is well-versed in boxing and aims to become a champion one day. On the other hand, Tae-jin is an innocent boy who falls for her.

The story shows how these both face challenges in their lives to get into the championship road. Also, their summer-time love story is a bonus for us.

Green Boy: Shouting to You is not so like The Boxer, but you’ll feel similar vibes between Yu and Jae-in. Both main characters aim to become boxers through external inspiration.

Both of them are gifted with extreme talent, and the showcasing of boxing matches is similar in both webtoons. If you loved The Boxer, you’d love this one as well.


Rikudou-Webtoons like The Boxer

Riku had a tough life after his father’s death, and a former boxer, Yakuza taught him how to throw a basic punch. That punch helped him defend against his mom’s drug dealer but gave him more trouble.

Soon, criminals continued to come after him, and he had nowhere to go except for the one person who taught him the basic punch. Will Riku finally enter into the world of pro boxing?

The MCs in both the manga/manhwa are the same as they both had hopeless lives, to begin with. They meet a mentor who completely changes their lives.

Both focus on boxing, and the detailed action shown in this manga is no less than The Boxer. So, if you feel like reading a manga like The Boxer, try this one out.

Girls of the Wild’s

Girls of the Wild's - Webtoons like The Boxer

Wild’s High is an all-girls high school specializing in hosting Wild’s League, where teenage girls have brutal fights. When it changes to the mixed-gender school, a student gets a full 3-year scholarship.

Song-Jae, the student, wants to study well, but after meeting the Queen of the school, his whole life takes a turn. What could be the reason behind it, and why is she known as “Queen of the School?”

I don’t really think this manhwa is similar to The Boxer, at the very least. But did you not enjoy the manhwa because the main character is a total badass and the boxing theme?

You got both of them in here, and since this webtoon will keep you busy with good pace and art, you should give it a try.

Concluding Manhwa like Boxer!

The Boxer has been a fantastic read, even though I don’t have an idea about boxing. These kinds of manhwa don’t need any experience because they provide everything.

So, if you’re craving more manhwa/webtoons like The Boxer, this list will help you find one. If you think any other manhwa deserves a spot on the list, let us know through the comment section below.

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