6 Lovely Webtoons like True Beauty!

webtoons like True Beauty

True Beauty, if not the most popular, is one of the best romance webtoons out there. It relates to the real-life characters and hits right at the spot for the youth.

So, if you got addicted to the story and looking for more manhwa/webtoons like True Beauty, then you should consider checking out this list!

Webtoons like True Beauty!

6. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Webtoons like True Beauty!

Kang Mi-rae gets plastic surgery after getting bullied for her looks. Even after the surgery, she gets teased as a “Gangnam plastic surgery monster.”

That is until the day she meets Do Kyung-Seok, she begins to recover her self-esteem. Read how they both fall in love.

This manhwa has a Korean drama, and it was also an influential one. The characters are amazing, and you can feel their emotions as in the drama.

While many moments in it remind me of True Beauty, it ended up on the list. So, make sure to check it out.

5. Midnight Poppy Land

Webtoons like True Beauty!

A book editor, after getting cheated by her boyfriend, encounters a young Mafia lord in the countryside.

From that moment, she gets entangled with him, and with every step, her life becomes dangerous. How will this end?

Midnight Poppy Land has wonderful art, and the premise is pretty cool. If you’re into manhwa with a badass MC and a cute FMC, try this one out.

Although you might not find many similarities to True Beauty at first glance, you’ll get the same vibes overall.

4. Annarasumanara

Webtoons like True Beauty!

Yun Ai dreamt of becoming a magician when she was little. But in high school, she is in no position to make her dream come true.

Nothing else to push her forward, she almost gives up on it. But at a fair, she meets a magician who makes her follow her dream desperately.

Annarasumanara is quite a realistic manhwa with an amazing storyline. The magician’s character makes you read the chapters without a single break.

It is quite a manhwa like True Beauty as the themes like male lead influencing the female play a deciding role.

3. She’s My Type

Webtoons like True Beauty!

Haedam is a tomboy, and she was friend-zoned by her very first love. Now in college, even though she wants to glow, it doesn’t work out.

She asks help from her neighbor in exchange for putting up with their living and keeping his secret. What could happen with their lives?

If you look at it from the bright side, both of these webtoons are the same. Both involve the transformation of a naive girl into a pretty girl.

Both portray how society pressures the situations the main characters get into. So, try this one out if you loved True Beauty.

2. The Makeup Remover

Webtoons like True Beauty!

Yeseul feels lost after finally entering college and takes an interest in makeup. Later on, she meets a brilliant makeup artist, Yuseong.

Although it didn’t impact her in a significant way, she shows interest and enters the makeup competition. How will her life turn from now on?

True Beauty and The Makeup Remover have a lot in common, including the basic premise.

It shows how artistry changes people’s lives and binds them together. If you’re looking for webtoons similar to True Beauty, try this one out.

1. To Love Your Enemy

Webtoons like True Beauty!

Yeonhee Bae lived her life by mastering the art of lying until now. But later, she decided to leave her past behind and find a new start through college life.

To her surprise, she runs into a person who knows a secret about her from the past. What could possibly go wrong?

To Love Your Enemy is one of the rare webtoons, where the relationship between the main leads quite amazing.

It does have a few similarities such as the way the couple met, how society affects their relationship and romance is really sweet.

Conclusive Thoughts!

It is not that hard to find webtoons like True Beauty, but it is definitely hard to find as good. So, to save you from trouble, we’ve made a perfect list.

Makes sure to check out every title and choose the one you found interesting. So, what do you think about our list?

Also, what are your thoughts on True Beauty manhwa? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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