Top 7 Extraordinary Manhwa Similar to Eleceed!

manhwa similar to eleceed

Eleceed is a manhwa that most people find interesting which they couldn’t get from other ones. Its story is excellent, the characters are pretty amazing, and mainly the artwork is godly.

So, if you’ve read it and looking for more manhwa similar to Eleceed, then this list is for you.

Manhwa Similar to Eleceed!

7. The Beginning After the End

The Beginning After the End- manhwa simiar to eleceed

King Grey, an unrivaled existence was murdered and is reborn in a world filled with magic. He gets a loving family and caring friends.

But with these, a will and a threat also make their way into Arthur’s life. Can he protect them all?

If you’re into isekai webtoons, then The Beginning After the End is a must-read for you. It is perfect in every aspect, though it has fewer action sequences.

The artwork is splendid, and the characters are so amazing. If you loved Eleceed, then probably you shouldn’t be missing this one out.

6. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

manhwa like eleceed

Gong Won-ho used to be the No.1 player in the Lucid Adventure game, and one day due to the machinations of Zero, he loses everything and goes back to level 1.

Now, he must start everything again and reclaim his spot as the best player. Can he do it?

The first thing I feel similar in this manhwa is its artwork. The characters are drawn so well, and by adding the plot, action scenes, it is worth a read.

The character development is good, and it hooks you up right from the beginning making it an astounding manhwa similar to Eleceed.

5. Weak Hero

Weak Hero- manhwa similar to Eleceed

The story sets in a school where Brutal Tyrants bully the weak and once anyone gets caught in their eyes, it’s over for them.

But all of this changes when Gray, a weak-looking boy, yet his fighting skills are insane. Is he going to change the school’s system?

Weak Hero is easily one of the best action manhwa/manga out there. Also, it feels so satisfying when he slaughters those bullies.

If you’ve loved Eleceed, then the characters, storyline, and art feel a bit similar. So, try reading this one and judge for yourself.

4. Just for a Meowment

Just for a Meowment- manhwa similar to Eleceed

Myouhee has her life tough with being an Orphan from the moment she was born and getting betrayed by her only friend. She decides to end her life by jumping off a building.

When she does, a grim reaper appears and makes her live 100 more days as a cat, and she ends up becoming Mr. Cha, her boss’s pet.

Although only the word “Cat” feels similar from the premise, it gives us a pleasant romantic journey.

With a slight fantasy touch, it feels hilarious and yet beautiful. Thus, it is a manhwa similar to Eleceed.

3. Spy x Family

Spy x Family- manga like Eleceed

The story follows a Master spy who is given a mission to learn the enemy’s secrets by infiltrating a private high school.

However, to do so, he needs a wife and a child. But what happens if his wife is an assassin and the child is a Telepath.

Spy x Family and Eleceed has hilarious premises, and the characters can’t be any more similar than this.

This one also provides a few action sequences, and the plot always gives you similar vibes.

2. Girls of the Wild’s

Girls of the Wild's- manhwa similar to Eleceed

Wild’s High is an elite girls-only high school that hosts the country’s most popular event where students fight each other by putting their lives on the line.

When it gets changed to co-ed, only one student named Song Jae-Gu gets a scholarship regardless of his grades. What happens next?

I can’t believe I’m actually including this manhwa on the list. I mean, it is somewhat similar considering the comedy, same author, and the chemistry between the characters.

However, it feels a bit different yet similar, and that’s why you need to read this manhwa similar to Eleceed.

1. The Breaker

The Breaker- manhwa similar to Eleceed

Shi-Woon is the kind of person who gets bullied constantly and comes to the point where he wants to suicide.

But after witnessing his teacher’s martial arts skills, he decides to become his disciple. But is it going to be that easy?

The Breaker feels similar to Eleceed in a different way. While most of the similar manhwa involve a supernatural phenomenon with a cat, this goes more on the action side.

Both main characters seem normal in the beginning, but later on, they become super strong. Although this one is a lot more intense, it is still a manhwa like Eleceed.

Conclusive Thoughts!

Well, there you go. The list of manhwa similar to Eleceed. While Eleceed has been a marvelous one, neither of these webtoons are inferior.

So, if you loved Eleceed, then you’re bound to love these too. If you have any thoughts to share or spare, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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