What is Cultivation in Chinese Novels and Manhua?

what is cultivation?

Wondering What is Cultivation in Manhua/Novels? Here’s the pull stop to your doubts!

You might’ve stumbled upon this term more than a few times “Cultivation.” But what does it exactly mean? Well, it isn’t something that points out farming or such, but it has a whole new and different meaning.

So, to clear your doubts and queries, we’ll cover every topic related to it, and here we go!

What is Cultivation?

Cultivation or Xianxia is a technique or a Taoist concept that lets humans become immortal sages by extending their lifespans. Also, in the process, they gain different types of supernatural powers by practicing martial arts.

It also includes some new elements such as ChiQiBuddhismTaoism, and a lot. In almost every Chinese novel, manhua, donghua, and anime, this concept is widely used.

Are Cultivation Novels/Manhua any good?

There are many Cultivation/Xianxia novels out there with a standard plot, and yes, they’re pretty amazing.

If you’re thinking of reading/watching any series related to this concept, we suggest you do.

what is cultivation?

Although the Chinese anime isn’t getting the popularity it deserves, they’re still pretty incredible to watch. Also, check out our Best Chinese Anime List to know what are some good ones!

What topics do these Novels/Manhua cover?

There are wholesome topics that these novels cover, and here are some to enlighten your mood:

  • Action
  • Martial Arts
  • Historical
  • Reincarnation MC
  • Time Travel
  • Weak MC to Strong Mc
  • Love Stories
  • Politics
  • Immortality
  • Leveling Up
  • Humor
  • Fantasy
  • Another World
  • Factions
  • Mystery

And a lot more, if you ask me. So, these are the concepts that Cultivation-related books/series cover, and mostly these are preferred by a wide range of audiences.

With insane art, Cultivation manhuas are pretty awesome, and with tons of chapters along with excellent story-telling, the web novels are amazing as well.

There are also multiple levels in Cultivation!

  • Mortal Realm
  • Immortal Realm
  • God Realm
  • Heavenly Dao Realm
  • Divine Wilderness Realm
  • World Defying Realm

So, here are some great cultivation manhua and web novel recommendations for you!

Cultivation Manhua:

  • Legend of the Northern Blade
  • God of Martial Arts
  • Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator
  • Cultivation Chat Group
  • Chronicles of Heavenly Demon
  • Spirit Sword Sovereign

Cultivation Web Novels:

  • Smiling Proud Wanderer
  • I Shall See the Heavens
  • Cradle
  • Street Cultivation
  • Stellar Transformations
  • Forge of Destiny
  • A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Cultivation LitRPG?

    When a Cultivation novel features the concept of leveling up in the form of games, dungeons, and more, then it is known as LitRPG.

  • What is Cultivation Xianxia?

    Xianxia cultivation is nothing but that involves real-life practices, and stories usually include elements such as gods, demons, immortals, artifacts, and so on.

  • What is Spiritual Cultivation?

    When the characters in the novels/manhua use cultivation with the elements such as a spirit, soul, consciousness, or any of the related ones to these, we can refer to it as Spiritual Cultivation!

A Word from Us!

Now, do you have an answer to the question “What is Cultivation?” And did you also get a clear picture of how they use this concept in novels and manhuas?

If you loved the concept or meaning of it, make sure to check some of them. They’re pretty amazing and intriguing to read/watch. So, if you have any thoughts to share or spare, feel free to let us know them in the comment section below.

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