What is this Interesting Term ‘Isekai’ mean? [Definition+Meaning]

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You might’ve encountered this word ‘Isekai’ at least once in your lifetime. Especially, if you’re an Otaku, there is no way you could’ve survived without listening to this word.

For most people, Isekai is a simple Japanese word. But what does it actually mean? Here’s the answer.

What is this term Isekai?

‘I’ from Isekai alone points out the meaning of another world. In short, Isekai means to take place in another world. You might’ve already had a pretty good idea on Isekai. But there isn’t any fun if we stop it here. So, let’s go a bit deep into the topic.

Let’s take an example to define it clearly. Ever heard of a phrase- “If you die in the game, you die for real.” This phrase is used in many anime and especially in anime like Sword Art Online.

In this type of anime, usually, the protagonist is transported to another world and becomes a savior. And some anime like Overlord do quite the opposite. But at the very least, the concept is the same. But Isekai isn’t just about virtual worlds.

Most of the anime does show virtual worlds, but if you consider some anime like The Rising of the Shield Hero, you’ll get a pretty good idea on Isekai anime.

If you’re into Hollywood movies, then Alice in Wonderland, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Escaflowne are similar to Isekai anime. And they all do come under this sub-genre.

The best thing about this genre is they always end with either cliffhanger or with a sad one. And the world is brilliant and beautiful in these anime shows. Such an Isekai anime we can recommend to you is “The Rising of the Shield Hero.” which is well known for its character development and plot.

The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero is a type of anime you want to watch when you’re feeling bored or looking for something epic. It makes you experience all facets of an anime like good-evil and cute-cruelty.

Besides these aspects, it is fantastic in plot and character development. If you like MC getting stronger step by step and showing his surprising ultimate forms, you’ll love this one for sure. And if you have seen this anime, then you might as well check our list of best Isekai anime. 

The Shield Hero story follows Naofumi Iwatani, who finds himself with three other heroes after a king summons them. He asks them to fight for their kingdom to protect them from calamities that occur randomly. Out of Four heroes, the shield hero is underestimated throughout the empire, and everyone thinks he can’t defend because he doesn’t have any offensive skills.

And at the same time, a betrayal of blaming him for a crime he hasn’t committed makes him enraged. Without anything except his shield, he leaves the royal palace and becomes stronger after finding two companions Raphtalia and Filo.

And his journey leads to many epic fight sequences and some cure and adorable moments with Raphtalia and Filo. So, if you’re thinking of watching an Isekai anime, then we would recommend this.


Isekai anime isn’t just popular because it includes an excellent world-building structure and a unique storyline. It does contain a unique plot and many remarkable moments. And you get to experience everything when you play a game in this genre.

So, it’s pretty much a package of the rare world and an intense plot. We hope this post helped you understand what Isekai is, and if you want to know any anime-related content, feel free to visit us.

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