What is Manga?: Know-How We Explain About It!

what is manga?

Manga is a term you might’ve come across more than enough times. Either while searching for anime recommendations or reviews, you’re most likely to stumble upon it. So exactly, what is manga? How is it originated? And what type of manga are good to read?

If you’re interested in these topics as well, besides knowing only ‘what is manga?’ then feel free to check out the complete article from our Anime Ukiyo. Here we go then!

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What is Manga?

Manga or Japanese manga is a comic or graphic novel that presents you with a compilation of illustrations and the story together. In novels, you can read the story as the author narrates it; but in the manga, the characters themselves are narrators.

what is manga?

You could say it is almost similar to anime, but except here, characters aren’t moving. The anime shows we watch are mostly based on these mangas. While over 60% of the manga are getting adapted into anime shows, the rest depends on Light Novels and Visual Novels.

Origin of Manga!

The term manga originated in the Edo period (1603-1867) from the scrolls that share a similar art. But the style of the manga that we use these days was developed in the late 19th Century. The first manga ever to get serialized and available to the people is Sazae-san and the anime is still going on.

Difference between Manga and Anime:

Anime is an essentially common term and used to create and publish all forms of animation works. The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word anime is Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Doraemon, and so on.

what is manga?

They are television shows except there aren’t any actors but the animated characters are themselves the actors. So, anime is evolved from manga likewise manga is the most essential source for anime.

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Types of Manga:

  • Shonen: Targets Teen Boys
  • Shojo: Targets Teen Girls
  • Seinen: Targets Mature Audience
  • Josei: Targets Adult Women (18+)
  • Kodomomuke: Targets at Children


There is no such rule that certain people should read a Shonen manga or Seinen manga. But according to the audience, the stories are written. There are also subtypes in manga like action, romance, fantasy, and so on.

If you haven’t read a single manga yet, we recommend you to try one. Even without colorful animation or cute anime voices, they impress you. Here are our few manga recommendations you can check out!

Then, if you got an answer to the question ‘what is manga?’ we’re much obliged; but if you still have any uncertain thoughts about it, feel free to let us know them in the comment section below.

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