What is this Cautious Term RNG mean? (2020)


Let’s assume you’re in a game where you trap your opponent, and he has nowhere else to go. But unfortunately, some miracle happens, and he gives a comeback. Well, that’s where you encounter this new term, RNG. In the RNG world, anything can happen in the game, and you can’t even expect what’ll happen. The reason for RNG’s implementation is to help the players to cheat on a limit. But it isn’t wrong because the game gets more thriller and exciting by RNG. Let’s dig deeper to know what RNG is!

What is RNG?

In simple words, RNG stands for Random Number Generator. With this cheat, you can get more wins and stock up a lot of rewards. But the only thing is, it is unpredictable. And that’s what makes this game more interesting than it is because it’s better off being unknown so that you can have a lot of thrill. RNG is an algorithm that produces some random numbers. These random numbers define unexpected events that lead you to find some rare item.

If you consider a Pokemon (which is also a famous anime) game, why do sometimes your friend get a rare pokemon, and you get an ordinary pokemon when you look in the same place. That’s what we call RNG. And if you can recall some games like Minecraft or The Binding of Isaac, they wouldn’t have existed without RNG. But it’s not like every game depends on it. Some games like Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero are examples of it.

Yes, You Can Manipulate Some RNG!


As we mentioned earlier, it is like an Algorithm. They’re basically like some math problems that you can modify. But where does it get the variables to perform the algorithm? It could ‘console’s internal clock,’ your character’s name, or it merely follows the sequence of buttons you have pressed since the start of your game. And in some cases, these are easy to manipulate.

RNG manipulation is not a fair thing to do in competitive gaming, but it is a part of RPGs and video games. An experienced gamer can increase his chance to get a rare item like in the games Pokemon Go. They do it by pressing random buttons continuously to manipulate the actual algorithm. Well, it’s one trick, but you can’t do it unless you know the game very well.

I guess you have a pretty good idea on RNG, and we think the below-mentioned game could be a perfect example. If you like it, you can play it and see yourself.


hearthstone- rng

if there exists a game where everything is unpredictable and becomes bothersome sometimes, it indeed is Hearthstone. It is one of the most popular eSports games with a simple card trading game that gathered more than enough rivals. Due to this game, Blizzard Entertainment has gained an enormous following worldwide. Well, why is it so popular? What’s so interesting about it? If you have a fondness for games like Warcraft, Hearthstone will be a great experience.

It provides you with a charming atmosphere where you get to play with your favorite heroes and villains, placing them against each other. It’s a card game, so it won’t be easy to guess the opponent’s moves, and you can form a strategy on your own to manipulate the opponent. Building your deck can be challenging, and sometimes you might create a better one than the opponent or a worse one. Even if you manage to stock up a lot of wins with your deck, there will be times where your strongest deck becomes weaker. If you play this game, you’ll get a pretty good idea of RNG and a great experience. So, this might be your time-killer game.

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