10 Reasons Why Anime is a Life Pill for Us!

Unless you have been living in a world of prohibited communication, you might’ve heard about Anime. In every group of our daily life, we find a geek who explains how awesome anime is and gets laughed as “kids stuff.” But let me clear your doubt about that.

Anime is awesome. Most of people avoid it thinking that it might be a cartoon they used to watch when they were kids. Guess they’re wrong. First of all, why would people spend hours watching tons of episodes? Are they crazy? Absolutely not. To understand the reasons why people all over the world prefer anime over other series, we have compiled ten reasons below.

10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Anime!


anime- full metal alchemist brotherhood

We see only a few anime with hundreds of episodes like One-piece, Naruto, and Bleach. Containing as many episodes may deviate the story, such as fillers. It’s not like One Piece or Naruto are bad, they are epic. But my point is most of the popular series contain below 50 episodes or 2-3 seasons. That makes the plot right on point, and it never deviates from the actual story.

Most of these shows has a much better story than usual TV shows, and each episode has a playtime of fewer than 25 minutes combined with both opening and ending. One such series is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (64 episodes). It is a must-watch if you’re into a strong storyline.

 Stunning Visuals and Animation

Anime isn’t like a cartoon you used to watch in childhood. Cartoons are unique, though. But what they lack compared to anime is mostly Animation.  In Anime, there is no limit up to which your eyes can be pleased. The Stunning visuals can make any scene interesting to watch. Mostly the animated movies like Your Name and Weathering With You have beautiful visuals and animation. Check them out if you want to experience an unspeakable quality of animation.

Introduces Japanese Culture


There is no need to mention how anime origin took place. Most of the series inspires from Japanese culture and lifestyle. Well, this gives you more than one reason to know about a new culture. In fact, Japanese culture is the one which I like the most. Inuyasha is one such series where you can experience Japanese Mythology. Make sure to try it.

It’s Entertaining

anime dr. stone

Entertainment! Who doesn’t want it? There are numerous anime shows which entertain you to the fullest. Some people like to be entertained by thrill, some by emotion and some by humor. And these series have got all of them in a package for you. Mainly, these series contain a strong plot, so there will no doubt that you will get entertained or not. Anime like Dr.Stone has everything like thrill, humor, emotion, Science, and what else. It is a must-watch anime if you want to kill your time for good.


anime hunter x hunter

It doesn’t matter what anime you watched; at last, you always end up liking a character from it. And most importantly, the anime series is made of lots of characters that keep you entertained and inspired at the same time. I still remember being called myself Light Yagami because I liked his character like hell when I watched Death Note. Almost all the shows give significant importance to the characterization. One series you can refer to understand how character development is essential for anime is Hunter × Hunter. It is definitely worth your time.

The Soundtracks


Keep all of the aspects aside for a while. There is one thing where everyone can easily connect with the anime series, the music. The Japanese pop industry is mostly related to the anime industry. You can mark my words if you want, but they make the most soothing music you can ever hear, which makes you feel like you’ve lost in a world where there is nothing but beauty. Not to mention the openings and endings, though. One such soundtrack you’ll love is “Continued Story” from Code Geass.


anime- attack on titan

Well, don’t think what a fictionally created character can impress you with action. That’s the part where anime fans get shivers in every part of their body. If you’ve heard about any famous anime series, mostly it would’ve been because of the epic action scenes it has, besides plot and other characteristics. If you want to experience some incredible action sequences and epic fights, the Attack on Titan is the right anime for you.

Experience the New World

anime- death note

What would you do when you’re in distress? Do you drink?do you smoke? No, there’s a better option. Try anime. It is a fresh and different approach to divert your mind away from all of your problems. One such series could be Death Note This series locks you in a room of suspense until the end. What could be a better diversion than this? If you’re in the middle of a long series, then you’ve already in the world of anime where you experience the ultimate entertainment.

Endless Possibilities

anime- my hero academia

One of the most extraordinary things about anime is that it’s doesn’t confine to a little knowledge. There are many shows with a different genre. And there is an endless variety of shows to your liking as action-packed, romantic, heartbreaking, what else. You will also find the series which are impossible in reality. You can watch My Hero Academia, a unique storyline with quite a different genre with great action scenes. And it is a great one.

Free to Watch


Most of the anime series can be watched online through websites for free on your computer, tablet, or Smartphone. What more reasons do we want? You get to watch the original copy of the series for free. Isn’t that always what we’ve wanted? Many websites allow the viewer to stream the anime online like gogo anime, 9anime, anime heaven, etc.


In my opinion, anime is like a gateway into a heavenly world where you get to experience all beautiful things. With these ten reasons, any human being could fall for anime. After all, it is a life pill for us- Otaku! What else reasons do we want other than these? So, would you reconsider watching the anime? You will. Because, how will you ever know whether the things mentioned above are right or not if you haven’t felt for yourself? Welcome to the Anime world!

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