Eren’s Voice Actor Yuki Kaji Cries After Reading The Finale Script!

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Past these years, Attack on Titan has been one of the few shows which made fans wait in anxiety. Now when it is almost near the end and we have surprising news for you.

Since we already know that it’ll come out next month, the voice actors have been weeping over the tender script they witnessed. We’ve already seen a few interviews of Attack on Titan creator saying that the final season of the series will be an odd duck out of all the seasons.

Surprisingly, these details we’re presenting to you came from Yuki Kaji itself. Yuki Kaji, the voice actor of Eren admitted that the plot of the final season is too emotional and unique on his live stream.

In his Youtube channel, he did a live stream for the fans especially to convey this message and keep us more excited until the finale. Yuki Kaji spoke briefly on how intriguing the plot is and he cried while rehearsing it.

Eren is always in my heart. I got the script for the finale, and I would even cry at home while rehearsing it. When I read manga, I could view the story objectively. However, when it comes to acting it out, I can’t control my tears. So, I often sent some messages to Isayama-sensei.

Clearly, here we can sense the feelings of Kaji because he was having a hard time dealing with the emotional script and he always gives his utmost effort. He has a very solid career with lead roles in some of the best anime like Sword Art Online and My Hero Academia.

But Attack on Titan is definitely his most influenced and beloved role. Kaji has made a bond with the Eren character that can never be broken and with the finale near it’s no wonder it hit him emotionally.

Not just him but other voice actors, the whole AoT franchise, and even us, the fans will be depressed once it ends. So, let’s hope that the finale will exceed our expectations. Did we surprise you with this revelation? What are your thoughts on the final season of Attack on Titan? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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