Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Anime Is Set for April 2024 Release

Laid Back Camp season 3

The producers of the Laid-Back camp have officially announced that the third season of Afro’s manga will premiere in April 2024. As of now, an official day and date hasn’t been announced.

A character visual was shown along with the news, which features the protagonist of the show taking a selfie in front of a mountain train.

Shin Tosaka is set to helm the directorial duties at studio 8bit, the previous director being Yoshiaki Kyogoku, who successfully helmed the last two seasons and the anime film, which were then produced at C-Station. The official cast is returning for the third season.

The first season of the anime aired from January to March 2018, while the second season followed from January to April 2021, and the anime film was released in Japan on July 1, 2022.

Synopsis :

“Rin Shima is a high school student who enjoys camping in solitude. One day, she meets another high school girl named Nadeshiko Kamagihara, who persuades her to join her school’s camping club. Together, Nadeshiko and Rin, along with their classmates Aoi and Chiaki, travel to Japan, relishing their daily lives.”

Laid-back camp, also known as Yuru Camp in Japan, is an Adventure type or Iyashikei, a healing-type anime that often focuses on calmness and relaxation. Iyashikei anime, at its core, is known to focus on beautiful sceneries and focus on the superficial aspects of life, letting the viewer escape into the dreamlike yet simple and stunning visuals of nature.

Laid-back camp anime focuses on helping audiences relax, so do yourself a favor by grabbing a cup of “Hot Brew” while you sit back and unpack and allow yourself to get lost in this calming experience.

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