14 Best Fat/Chubby Anime Girls [Plus Size Anime Girls]

Chubby Anime Girls/Fat anime girls
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We all know that society can be pretty tough on people who carry a few extra pounds. We’re trained to judge someone just by how they look. Some people actually find chubby girls super attractive. In the world of anime, you often see female characters who seem to have the perfect figure and shape.

But not much of the spotlight shines on the chubbier characters. But it’s high time we realized that sexiness isn’t all about looks. It’s about personality and how you carry yourself. We’re here to spotlight the 14 most loved chubby anime girls who’ve carved their names in our hearts.

14. Tamako Inada (Gin no Saji)

Tamako Inada - Chubby Anime Girls
Image via Aniplex

Tamako Inada is a well-loved plus-sized anime character from Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon). Her hunger is legendary, and she often chows down on food. Interestingly, her weight stays the same despite all the feasting.

She’s a student at an agricultural high school. She wants to be a farmer like her folks. Tamako is always ready to lend a hand and is devoted to her loved ones. Moreover, she’s pretty athletic and competitive despite her love for food.

13. Shigemi Kubota (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto)

Shigemmi Kubota - Chubby Anime Girls
Image via Sentai Filmworks

The anime ‘Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto’ features an incredible character, Shigemi Kubota (the mom). She’s a chubby sweetheart with a kind of scary side and is totally into Sakamoto because he’s got that appeal and looks. She goes to great lengths to get closer to him. In the end, her maternal instincts kick in.

12. Witch of the Waste (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Witch of the Waste - Chubby Anime Girls
Image via Disney Platform Distribution

Witch of the Waste was not an ordinary witch, she was a dominant villain in the movie. She was hot, chubby, and nearly three hundred years old, but didn’t look like it. People feared her for her incredible witchy powers and a fiery dragon contract. Later, she’s revealed in her true form and shows her age. But her witchy appearance was indeed her best look.

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11. Satomi Ishihara (Chikku Neesan)

Satomi Ishihara - Chubby Anime Girls
Image via Asahi Production

When we talk about chubby anime girls, Satomi Ishihara will definitely be on that list. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, even if it is offensive to other people. She’s got that strong, powerful vibe that makes her alluring. She projects this “it” factor with everyone wanting to be in her shoes.

10. Hanako Ohtani (Person 4: the Animation)

Hanako Ohtani - Chubby Anime Girls
Image via Aniplex

Hanako is a minor character from Persona 4: The Animation anime series. Hanako’s known for her love of food and her chubby frame. She eats a lot of snacks, but she’s also a powerhouse in a fight, and she always uses her fists to fend off enemies. Because of her weight, her classmates always tease her. But she’s very kind & friendly and comes to the rescue when friends need help.

9. Mirei Yajimma (Genshiken Nidaime)

Mirei Yajimma - Chubby Anime Girls
Image via NIS America, Inc.

Mirei Yajimma is a character from the Genshiken Nidaime. She’s among the well-known chubby anime characters. She has a solid, stocky build and doesn’t fuss much about dressing up all girly. Yajimma is not bothered by what people might think of her appearance and is relatively unconcerned. She keeps it casual and down-to-earth.

8. Natsumi Asaoka (The Kabocha Wine)

Natsumi Asaoka - Chubby Anime Girls
Image via Toei Animation

Natsumi Asaoka is the main character in this anime series. She’s got the looks that make fans swoon; she is hot, plus-sized, and very tall. Her ample bust adds to the allure. Many characters in the series have a major crush on her. Being curvy adds to her appeal, which is why she is a top favorite among fans.

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7. Tae Yokosugi (Keijo!!!!!!)

Tae Tokosugi - Chubby Anime Girls
Image via Warner Bros. Japan

Tae Yokosugi has a chubby figure and short, spiky yellow hair, often in ponytails. She is all about respect, especially when it comes to her kids. You can see it when she gives Maya Sakashiro a talking-to. But she’s not too keen on sharing info with her rivals, even if it’s about Maya’s alter ego, Kaya Sakashiro.

6. Kinuyo Kasuga (Stars Align)

Kinuyo Kasuga - Chubby Anime Girls
Image via TBS

Kinuyo Kasuga is a fiery and plus-sized character in the Stars Align anime series. She’s got this no-nonsense vibe and is not afraid to speak her mind. She is also the Student Council President.

Kinuyo’s all about backing those who put their heart and soul into improving their clubs. With her assertive attitude and leadership, she’s quite the standout in the series.

5. Yunbo (Xam’d: Lost Memories)

Yunbo - Chubby Anime Girls
Image via Aniplex

Yunbo is a minor character in the anime series. You won’t see her much on the show; she only has a few scenes. She’s Hinokimaru’s mom, and she is a very kind lady. But she’s not just a mom; she’s the spaceship Zanbani’s navigator, cook, and spare co-pilot. By the way, she’s got a pretty hot look, even though she’s a bit chubby. She’s a delightful surprise in the anime.

4. Charmy Pappiston (Black Clover)

Charmy Pappiston - Chubby Anime Girls
Image via Crunchyroll

Charmy Pappiston is a character from Black Clover. She’s a member of the Black Bulls and is a human-dwarf mix. Charmy is one of the cutest characters, with a big appetite (especially sweets).

With her food magic, she can change her size. You’ll see her as a petite girl with chubby cheeks. But she grows bigger when she munches on food (or mana).

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3. Bertha (Darker Than Black)

Bertha - Chubby Anime Girls
Image via Aniplex

Bertha is the baddie from the anime show Darker than Black. She used to be an opera singer and a sound-controlling contractor. You won’t see her too much, just now and then, when she’s doing her thing with Russian intelligence and Itzhak. Bertha’s not only a bit on the chubby side but also has some profound style sense. She’s quite the character.

2. Nikuko (Please Tell Me! Galko-chan)

Nikuko - Chubby Anime Girls
Image via Feel

Nikuko’s character stands out for her plus size in the anime series. She’s a go-to for comic moments and also radiates kindness. Nikuko in Japan is a well-liked, chubby anime character. She often adds humor to scenes and shines as a warm and caring person. She’s always up for fun and action, her size doesn’t hold her back.

1. Yukino Ito (RD Sennou Chousashitsu)

Yukino Ito - Chubby Anime Girls
Image via Nippon Television Network

Yukino Ito’s character is a fan-favorite from the anime show RD Sennou Chousashitsu. She is known for her generous proportions and her passion for food. She’s not only plus size, she is big-hearted and always there for her loved ones.

Cooking is her forte, she often prepares tasty treats for family and friends. She is also very active and takes part in sports and physical activities.

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