Parasyte Season 2: Confirmed Release Date, Plot, Trailer, and More Updates

Parasyte the Maxim season 2 release date
Image via Sentai Filmworks

“If you’re looking for more information on Parasyte season 2 release date and other details, you’ll find them below.”

Parasyte The Maxim is one of the most impactful and arguably underrated anime. While the series doesn’t seem that impressive at first glance, once you get deeper into it, you will start to realize that it is nothing short of a masterpiece.

That being said, many fans were hoping that it would receive a second season, and some, although satisfied with its beautiful ending, wanted more of Parasyte The Maxim. So, will there be Parasyte anime season 2? Here’s more information on the Parasyte season 2 release date and other essentials.

Parasyte Season 2 Plot: What to Expect?

Parasyte Season 2 Release Date
Image via Sentai Filmworks

The first season of Parasyte has seen an emotional and heartwarming story of a parasite named Migi and Shinichi who co-existed and fought with several other parasites who also exhibited more humanity than the humans living in the world.

In the ending, we’ve Uragami abducting Satomi and trying to kill her by throwing her off the roof. Fortunately, Migi appears in Shinichi’s mind and saves Satomi in the nick of time, giving us a heartfelt ending that we deserve.

While there are not many plotlines left to cover in the second season, given the ending was clean and without any loose ends, the anime could introduce new villains in the story, but this time, it would be humans who want to hunt down these parasites for no reason.

If that happens, Shinichi could try to save their race since they only want to peacefully co-exist among the humans. Well, it is merely our speculation, but we thought it would be a great way to extend the story without losing its basic premise.

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Parasyte Season 2 Release Date

Parasyte Season 2 Release Date
Image via Sentai Filmworks

As of now, there has been no announcement of the second season, even though it has been a decade since the first season was released. However, don’t be disheartened because plenty of anime shows, such as Classroom of the Elite and The Devil is a Part-Timer, have seen sequels after nearly a decade. So, it all comes down to whether Parasyte gets a second season.

Will There Be a Parasyte Season 2?

Parasyte Season 2 Release Date
Image via Sentai Filmworks

We need to consider three factors to determine whether a second season will be released, as almost every sequel for an anime series depends on them. They are past performance, popularity, and source material.

Popularity: It goes without saying that Parasyte, although not among the most popular shows, is a relatively famous anime that has been gaining more fans every year. So, its popularity has never been a factor that prevented the series from getting another season.

Past Performance: The anime has performed incredibly well both in Japan and overseas, with ratings soaring with each episode, although we’re not precisely informed about the number of copies it sold on DVD and Blu-ray, the hours it streamed on platforms, given its manga has sold over 25 million copies and the anime is equally remarkable, it did earn a lot of profit.

Source Material: Source Material refers to the content from which the anime has adapted its story. In this anime’s case, it was adapted from the manga containing ten volumes (64 chapters). Apparently, the anime covered the entire story from the manga, so there is no source material left to be adapted into any more episodes.

So, it is highly unlikely that a second season of Parasyte will be released anytime soon. However, as speculated above, the author could come up with a really intriguing story and produce another season in the future.

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Parasyte Season 2 Trailer

Since there has been no hint whatsoever that a second season is in production, the trailer has not been released. However, if there were to be a second season in the future, we will update the trailer here along with several other significant details. So, stay tuned with Anime Ukiyo for Parasyte season 2 and many more seasonal anime sequels.

Parasyte Season 2: Where to Watch?

Parasyte anime is currently streaming on Hulu. In case you want to rewatch it or refer it to a friend, Hulu is a great subscription to have. If a second season were to be produced, it would most likely be on Crunchyroll because Hulu usually doesn’t prefer creating its original anime shows.

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