13 Best BL Manhwa to Read If You’re Into Guys!

best bl manhwa/bl webtoons

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BL Manhwa/BL webtoons have always been one of the prominent genres in the manhwa world. Just as how we prefer reading fantasy, action, romance, and such genres, BL manhwa has a great amount of fanbase.

More importantly, BL manhwa shows you a new world on how human relations can vary and also gives you a good message as “There can even be love between two persons with same genders.”

If you haven’t read a single BL manhwa/BL Webcomics yet, we recommend you try reading one, and at the very least, it’ll give you a very good experience.

Best BL Manhwa Recommendations!

13. My Pet Bat

my pet bat- best bl manhwa

Min-kyum, a high school senior, gets kicked out of the house by his parents and left alone. Not knowing where to live, he picks a run-down house in the neighborhood where there have already been some traces of victims with blood loss and neck bites.

Min-kyum goes out for a meal, and after some time, he wakes up at home without knowing what happened but finds some strange bite marks on his neck. The next day, his new deskmate feels somewhat similar and suspicious.

If you think this BL manhwa is just another cute and fluffy one, you’re mistaken. It fills you with emotional scenarios, and the characters are so lovable.

At first, it feels like an ordinary BL manhwa, but as you go through the chapters, it feels so different. So, it is one of the best BL webtoons/BL comics out there.

12. Escape into Oblivion

Escape into Oblivion- best bl manhwa bl webtoons

Have you ever had an experience where you thought of dropping a manhwa in the middle and in the end you felt glad that you didn’t? Because that’s the exact feeling, you’ll sense while reading this tricky BL manhwa.

It’s just that story goes in a weird direction for a while and once it gets back on track, you’ll be filled with joy. The art, story, and characters are quite intimidating. So, If you’re looking for a good BL manhwa to pass time, then this might be a good choice for you.

Woojin gets sick of his life, and he wants nothing but to escape from the reality. On the other hand, Hwon wants nothing more than Woojin and after realizing it, Woojin decides to push him away from his life.

To do that, Woojin makes some absurd demands but no matter what he does Hwon keeps getting close to his life. Could this relationship brighten his life and make it even worse? Read this amazing BL manhwa to get a unique experience.

11. Make Me Bark

Make Me Bark- best bl manhwa/bl webtoons

If you’re the kind of person who prefers a simple plot with a lot of moments, then this BL manhwa is the one you need to read right now. And it isn’t like any other yaoi manhwa you’ve read until now.

The art and story are decent while the characters make it way more interesting. It is a quick read and you can get over it very easily or in other words, it doesn’t affect you mentally. So, make sure to add this BL manhwa to your list right now.

Sungjoon lives a satisfactory life even though he earns money just enough to afford a small and cheap place. Still, he loves to live like that thinking that having something is better than nothing. But one day when he discovers that his place caught fire, he gets in a tough position.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t know any person in the city to help him until he can afford a place. But then he finds out that one of his university mates who is quite rich is looking for a roommate or more like a play dog.

10. H&H Roman Company

H&H Roman Company-best bl manhwa/bl webtoons

Are you a fan of fantasy manhwa? And what if you can find the ‘boys love‘ concept in it? Well, if you’re into BL manhwa with a fantasy setting, then this is the one you shouldn’t be missing out on.

It is more of a character-driven manhwa than a story-driven one so you might have to bear with the premise. But overall, it is a pretty good BL manhwa to start with.  So, make sure to add this one to your list right away.

The story sets in a world where the need for god has decreased greatly. Due to this, angels begin to experience an unemployment crisis. To find a solution to the problem, God starts a company that can reduce the unemployment status of angels.

In both heaven and hell, the company created by God begins to shine and heads towards a good development. But it turns out that the company not only saved angels from their unemployment but also united two childhood lovers.

9. A Guy Like You

A Guy Like You- best bl mnahwa/bl webtoons

Yet another fantasy BL Manhwa on the list but with a good premise. This manhwa has a solid plot and some irreplaceable moments that you can’t compare to the other ones.

The story takes unexpected turns as you go through the chapters. So, if you want a BL manhwa to keep you entertained through every chapter, then go with it.

Kang Jinha constantly appears in the dream of Go Siwon. As you can expect, there is a reason for that and Jinha mentions a particular incident whenever he visits him in the dream. Even though it is a mere dream, it feels too real.

However, he tends to retain certain memories regarding the incident that Jinha mentioned, and with these hints, he regains his memory bit by bit. But how are they both connected? Read this amazing BL manhwa to find out. After all, it is one of the best gay webtoons/ BL webcomics.

8. To Take an Enemy’s Heart

To Take an Enemy's Heart- best bl manhwa

Probably you never have thought that such a fantastic BL manhwa as this one has existed. With the historical genre as the main base, it takes you on an epic tale of love between a ruthless ruler and a lovesick slave.

More importantly, characters feel so close as you’re acquainted with them. Thus, we recommend this must-read BL manhwa since it has too many great aspects that you should be noticed.

The story follows young Kassan who becomes a slave for ruthless Master Igen after his clan gets slaughtered. Even though Igen is ruthless and doesn’t hesitate to kill anyone, Kassan falls for him.

But soon he finds out that Igen is the one who slaughtered their clan and his brother survived the massacre and plotting revenge on Igen. Will Kassan give up on his love forsake revenge or will he save his lover? It is one of the best BL webtoons or BL manhwa out there.

7. Totally Captivated

Totally Captivated- best bl manhwa

Before you read this BL manga, you might have to prepare yourself because it’ll break your heart to pieces. If you’re not into unusual plots, then you might find it a bit weird. But if you like the premise, then you have no way of dropping from this amazing manhwa.

It has an equal share of both funny and hilarious moments. The artwork is pretty decent for a BL manhwa and the characters are totally captivating just as the title suggests. So, if you’re on a hunt to read a BL manhwa with a different premise than you usually do, then this one is for you.

The story is about Ewon Jung and how he gets his redemption. Ewon Jung and Jiho Shin were lovers for a long time but when Ewon cheats on him, Jiho makes him work for Mookyul Eun, a Mafia boss. Even though Eun likes to use Ewon as his plaything, he has to endure it.

Otherwise, he might not be able to live with Jiho again. Read this intriguing manhwa to make your time worthwhile. After all, it is one of the best BL manhwa or BL webtoons out there.

6. False Memories

False Memories- best bl manhwa

Does it matter whether it’s a love between two same or opposite gender as long as it is pure? To defend the above statement, we’re recommending this amazing manhwa to you.

This webtoon has pretty good art, and characters are drawn so realistically. So, if you’re looking for a BL manhwa that has a good story with light-hearted and emotional moments, then this one is for you.

Although Nakano and Tsuda are best friends in high school, they didn’t speak to each other for ten years. The reason behind this is nothing else, but Tsuda broke Nakano’s heart for some reason and it left a huge scar in his life. As fate decides, now they’re together thanks to a work project.

Nakano wants to keep their relationship professional though Tsuda still wants him back. But how long can Tsuda hold himself back? It is one of the best BL manhwa/BL webcomics/BL webtoons out there.

5. Love is an Illusion

Love is an Illusion- best bl manhwa

Love is an Illusion‘ is a love-hate type of manhwa with incredible art and compelling characters. You might find some frustrating scenes in the manhwa but there are way too many sweet moments.

It has a good premise, characters, and art, there is only one thing that should be improvised, and believe me, the presentation of the concept is simply amazing. Thus, it is one of the best BL manhwas of all time.

Hyesung Kim always thought that he was an alpha since childhood but when he goes into heat for the first time, he learns that he’s an omega. And at the same time, he meets a famous singer named Dojin Park, an alpha who hates omegas.

Despite his nature, he gets attracted to Hyesung and decides to protect him. Though Hyesung tries to deny his attention, their mutual hunger brings them together. Due to their physical union, they witness a life-changing event, and that keeps their relationship in a dilemma.

4. Blood Bank

Blood Bank- best bl manhwa

If you’re into vampires, yaoi, and BD$M concepts, then you mustn’t miss this manhwa. The concept is quite interesting as it involves a bit of domination and the art is appreciable. If you think it only has some gay scenes between two people, then you’re utterly mistaken.

It turns into a bit complex and shows you in-depth scenes as you get into mid chapters. So, if you’re in for a romance between a human and a vampire, then Blood Bank should be your first choice. After all, it is one of the best BL manhwas out there.

Blood Bank sets in a world where vampires rule over humans. However, even in these superior creatures, there are abnormal species that prefer to be ruled by humans. ‘One‘ becomes a blood banker where they sell blood for vampires.

Shell is the son of an overlord who owns the bank that ‘One‘ works in. Witness this stunning relationship of Shell and a mere banker, One in this breathtaking BL manhwa. It definitely makes you want more once you finish it.

3. Out of Control

Out of Control- best bl manhwa

If you want to get obsessed with a manhwa and don’t even want to get over it for days, then go for this one. The way this series makes you love the characters is so fascinating and even you would love to be in such kind of relationship.

While it feels pretty amazing at some scenes, it hits you emotionally with the rest. Not just beautiful moments but also tons of romantic scenes and art is damn perfect. If you’re thinking to read this BL manhwa, leave second thoughts, and do it right away.

The story follows one of the school’s most handsome guys who is also top in grades, sports, and looks. Naturally, they either fall in love with a beautiful person or a rich person but in this manhwa, his character is so pure.

He falls in love with the school’s ugliest guy and but can they keep their relationship with all the obstacles they face? Of course, they can because their relationship is already out of control. It is definitely one of the best BL manhwa/BL webtoons of all time.

2. Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Cherry Blossoms After Winter- best bl manhwa

Is even the word “perfect” enough to describe this manhwa? I doubt it because though the story is too simple, you’ll fall in love with the manhwa just because of the characters.

Unlike the ones you’ve seen until now, the relationships in this BL manhwa had a time frame to explain them clearly. If anything else, you’ll only regret it for not having more chapters. So, we recommend you read this amazing BL manhwa at least once.

Haebom and Taesung were best friends when they were young but soon they grew distant. And the reason is the tragedy that happened between their families who lived under the same roof for 10 years.

But once they become classmates in high school, things get complicated. Though the plot is simple, you’ll find it very intimidating while you’re reading it. Make sure to read this BL manhwa sooner or later.

1. BJ Alex

BJ Alex- best bl manhwa

Finally, the #1 recommendation on the list is here. Firstly, it is #1 for many reasons and some of the reasons might not seem favorable to you but still, they’re based on the reviews of the audience.

In this manhwa, you get both cute and some steamy moments. Both the main characters sculpt the manhwa into perfection. In my opinion, it has a very unique style in art considering the body and clothing of the characters.

Dong-gyun has a habit of locking himself up in his room at 10 every night. The reason is that he loves to watch a live cam show hosted by Alex. Alex is a broadcast jockey who does pretty much weird things on a live camera.

Dong-gyun not only admires Alex’s charm but also the things he does to share his sexual experience with viewers. But one night, when Dong-hyun gets drunk at his school’s event, he passes out. When he wakes up, he finds himself in bed with Alex. Could he be lucky?

Concluding BL/Gay Manhwa!

It seems like our list of best BL manhwa has come to an end. In this BL genre, you get to watch some beautiful as well as weird moments. And unlike in any other genre, you might even have the best experience here.

So, if you want to have a good read from your very next manhwa, then we suggest you choose a good one from the list. Well then, if you had to choose one from our list, what would you prefer to read first? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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