13 Best Harem Manga That Every Harem Fan Must Read!

A ‘harem’ is a genre where MC interacts with a lot of women or to say precisely, MC gets surrounded by full of beautiful girls.

Who wouldn’t want to live such an extraordinary life if they had a chance? So, shall we dive into the harem manga world where you can get to witness tons of pretty and cute women?

Best Harem Manga List!

13. Trinity Seven: The Seven Magicians

Trinity Seven: The Seven Magicians- best harem manga

First on our list of harem manga is Trinity Seven: The Seven Magicians. It is a combination of ecchi, harem, comedy, fantasy, and romance. It has a little amount of fanservice but almost every ecchi anime shows these kinds of symptoms.

The protagonist in the manga is unique and he is the source of comedy and every other aspect you love. Though the storyline in the manga seems to gamble you with its different concepts, it won’t get you confused. So, as a harem manga fan, I highly recommend you read this one.

Kasuga Arata lives a normal and peaceful life in his small town. But on the day of Black Sun, everything changes when a magician appears before him. A phenomenon takes place due to the black sun that leads to the destruction of the town.

However, his childhood friend Kasuga Hijiri reconstructs a virtual life for him with the help of a Grimoire. Soon, he discovers that the virtual world is filled with dangers and ends up joining a magic school that is dominated by girls.

12. Ai Yori Aoshi

Ai Yori Aoshi- best harem manga

If you have read or watched numerous manga or anime, then you should know there are some genres that will make you rethink the perspective you have on it. Ai Yori Aoshi changes your perspective completely on romance harem manga.

It has great characters and a decent storyline along with plain and simple artwork. It will be a nice change of pace in the harem genre with a good plot and realistic characters. Thus, it is one of the best harem manga out there.

Aoi Sakuraba states that she will marry Kaoru Hanabishi who she’s been living for eighteen years, despite their protests. At first, Kaoru thinks that she’s going to reconcile him with his domineering family but later realizes that her love is genuine.

He accepts her and promises to stay with her forever. What obstacles show they both overcome to make it possible? But from which angle does this seem like a harem manga to you? Well, that’s why this manga is a perspective changer.

11. Tsugumomo

Tsugumomo- best harem manga

There are a few masterpieces without a strong plot, and Tsugumomo is definitely one of them. Though its plot is simple, it turns into shounen because it has a lot of action scenes and also a good amount of ecchi stuff to balance it.

Would you believe me if I say this manga literally has zero fanservice and only becomes famous with reviews? Well, that’s how Tsugumomo has been one of the best harem manga over the decade. So, we highly recommend you read this harem manga.

Kazuya Kagami lives a carefree life thanks to his precious “Fukurobi” which his mother gifted. But one day he finds out that “Fukurobi” is a girl when she saves him from a fall. Naturally, he leaves with a girl named Kiriha in his room.

As the harem grows, new women enter Kazuya’s life. Just like his overprotective sister who loves to take baths with him and a sorceress Kokuyoura. But why’s Kazuya surrounded by these beautiful women?

10. The Quintessential Quintuplets

The Quintessential Quintuplets- best harem manga

If you ask me whether to read this harem manga or not, I’d say, go for it. It is a mixed genre of a slice of life and harem. Even though it doesn’t have much ecchi stuff, there are plenty of adorable moments.

The sole reason why it is fantastic is that the story involves a lot of twists and turns. As for the characters, they are the main reason why you should read this amazing harem manga.

Fuutarou is a genius high schooler but unfortunately, his family is facing a financial crisis. Even though he doesn’t have any friends, he encounters a girl named Itsuki Nakano and ends up arguing with her over his lunch seat.

When he gets offered a position of private tutor position in a wealthy family, he happily accepts it but soon regrets it. It turns out that he should tutor none other than Itsuki and her four identical sisters.

9. Strawberry 100%

Strawberry 100%- best harem manga

Strawberry 100% is a lengthy harem manga but presents you with a quality plot for the entire time. This manga is adventurous and progressive yet realistic.

Junpei Manaka loves to watch the sunset on the rooftop and he often sneaks up to do it. One day when he opens the door to the rooftop, he encounters a mysterious girl with breathtaking looks. However, when she notices him, she gets panicked and runs away.

While she’s running, Junpei catches sight of her cute panties. With that sweet memory of her, he begins to start the journey to find this mysterious beauty. Can he find her?

8. D-Frag

D-Frag- best harem anime

Not just by searching about harem manga, but also you can find it in the comedy genre. The premise, in the beginning, might seem a bit boring but don’t give up.

The best thing about this manga is that it perfectly manages both harem and comedy. So, if you’re looking for a harem manga that will entertain you to the fullest, then this is a must-read.

Kenji Kazama plans to take over Fujou High School with his three-man gang but his delinquency encounters a defeat when he gets into Game Development Club unknowingly. In the club, he meets four girls: The student council Chisote, Advisor Manami, Sakura, and club president Shibasaki.

Even though Kazama wanting to let himself off the club, with the efforts of these girls, his efforts end in vain. But the thing he doesn’t realize is that he may actually be enjoying this life.

7. Jitsu was Watashi Wa

Jitsu was Watashi Wa- best harem manga

Even in harem manga, there are some rom-coms that make you appreciate it. Supernatural and harem get along quite well and what if humor involves with it?

Well, it is indeed a masterpiece of harem manga and with its quality plot and characters, it will immerse you completely throughout your read. So, make sure to add this harem manga to your list since it is one of the best harem manga of all time.

The plot premise is quite simple. Kuromine Asahi is a man who can’t keep any secrets to himself. However, when he finds out that his girlfriend is a vampire, he can’t help but hide her secret.

That’s not the end as a werewolf, a demon, an angel, join his harem, his life becomes really complicated. How’s Asahi going to deal with them?

6. To LOVE-Ru Darkness

To LOVE-Ru Darkness- best harem manga

We’re pretty sure after reading this harem manga; you’ll have mixed feelings. Even though it has a lot of ecchi in it, you don’t really have to think about the fanservice.

The story develops further as you go and the characters are really reliable. If you’re thinking of reading good ecchi harem manga, then we recommend you go with this one.

Rito Yuuki is always unsuccessful when it comes to his love life as he cannot make a decision on his crush, Lala Satalin Deviluke. At the same time, Lala’s little sister falls in love with him but instead of trying to break up their relationship, she builds a harem for the sake of Rito.

That way she might have a chance to become one of his girls. She even enrolls in his school to make that happen. But it is not so easy to make it happen as there will be few interventions.

5. Mahou Sensei Negima

Mahou Sensei Negima- best harem manga

In the field of the harem, Mahou Sensei Negima has a separate fan base compared to the other harem manga.

The story alone makes you read worthwhile and in addition, artwork, humor, and some moments in the manga are basically a desert to your dish.

Negi Springfield is a 10-year-old wizard who dreams to achieve two things. One is to find his lost father and the other is to become a mage who helps people through magic. Right after his graduation from Meridiana Magic Academy, he is assigned to teach English at a middle school in Japan.

To his surprise, he discovers that his class has 31 girls. In addition to that, he ends up revealing his identity to one of the girls. Now Negi must keep his identity safe to avoid any threats from in and out of the academy.

4. High School DxD

High School DxD- best harem manga

If there is any harem manga out there that is specially made for the male audience, then it is definitely High School DxD. It not only has a great story but also gorgeous character designs.

It is truly amusing because the way it balances both romance and ecchi is just perfect. Though you get into it expecting beautiful girls and some ecchi moments, later, you’ll remain until the end of the manga for the story.

Issei Hyoudou is a pervert who unexpectedly gets murdered by his girlfriend on his first date. Luckily, Rias Gremory resurrects him and makes him her servant. When he gets to know about the conflict between demons and angels, he finds out that his first girlfriend is a fallen angel.

Along with Rias and her servants, he continues to serve her and embarks on a mission to find out the mysteries regarding his murder. Well, as you’d expect, a harem of girls is waiting for him.

3. Heaven’s Lost Property

Heaven's Lost Property- best harem manga

In the previous one, we mentioned that High School DxD has incomparable ecchi, but we might have to add one more thing.

Heaven’s Lost Property can probably match the level of High School DxD in terms of ecchi.

Tomoki Sakurai has been waking up from a strange dream for a long time. The dream is about an angel who disappears into the sky saying “The sky has captured me.” But one day, his dream becomes different as the angel descends from the sky and asks for his help instead of disappearing into the sky.

After falling asleep in the class, his childhood friend Mitsuki notices his tears and takes him to consult an upperclassman who is obsessed with “The New Continent.”Now, these three embarks on a journey to uncover the truth.

2. Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom

Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom- best harem manga

If we were to describe this harem manga in a single word, then it should be ‘Hilarious.’ About 3/4th story revolves around comedy and some harem moments. But it is completely opposite from the harem manga you imagine.

Especially for the people who are looking for high school drama, Hana Kimi is the best choice. Even though most of the chapters contain the daily struggle of the main lead, you’ll have plenty of time to feel the harem environment.

Mizuki is a Japanese-American track star who gets into all-boys high school to stay alongside her idol, Izumi Sano. Even though she disguises herself as a boy, fate wants them to be roommates aside from simply being classmates.

Now Mizuki must keep her identity secret at all costs but it is easier said than done. Though the story is unique from the other harem manga, you’ll have plenty of sweet and funny moments.

1. The World Only God Knows

The World Only God Knows- best harem manga

Finally, the #1 harem manga on our list is here. The World Only God Knows is an extremely hilarious and romantic tale.

Even if you hate the harem manga genre (not that you’ll be here if you do hate it, though.), you can still love the manga just for the way it paces.

The story follows Keima Katsuragi also known as “God of Conquest” online since he can win every girl’s heart in any dating sim. He even prefers a 2-D girl over a real-life girl and treats them as annoying and false representations.

One day he stumbles across a strange message that tells him to conquer a girl and somehow in a hurry, he accepts it. Later he finds out that the girl he needs to conquer is “Elsie,” a denizen of hell. Keima attempts an escape from the challenge, but the failure is death.

Conclusive Thoughts!

Well, it seems like we’ve reached a conclusion to our harem manga list. Even though harem manga contains a small amount of ecchi, it always holds numerous fans dedicated to the genre.

Since we have recommended the best ones from the past two decades, there’s no way anyone of the list will disappoint you.

So, we hope you’ll have a great time with these recommendations. If you have any queries regarding the post, feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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