13 Greatest MADHOUSE Anime of all Time!

Best Madhouse Anime List

MADHOUSE is one of the best animation studios to date, and up until 2010, they were on top of the industry, but unfortunately, it went down a bit from then. Regardless, they produce spectacular anime every year.

If you’ve watched a MADHOUSE anime or heard it from a friend, you’re lucky. Get ready to witness some of the best and greatest anime made by MADHOUSE studio.

Best MADHOUSE Anime!

13. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon- Best MADHOUSE Anime!

Rokuro Okajima is a salaryman who leads an everyday life, and one day, he gets attacked by a band of thugs on the ship. When he gets kidnapped, his colleagues betray him by placing more value on the documents he was carrying.

It seems like his former life is ruined, and the kidnappers seem pretty friendly. Without much thinking, he decides to join them as a mercenary. What kind of life is waiting for him?

Black Lagoon is a freaking cool anime, and handing over its adaptation to MADHOUSE studio is definitely a great choice. Flying bullets, impeccable action scenes are well done, and the animation is very detailed.

The characters are pretty diverse (black, white, asian, Chinese, etc.) The soundtracks are excellent as well, and it has one of the best dubs so you can watch in your preferred language.

12. Chihayafuru

Chihayafuru- Best MADHOUSE Anime!

Chihaya Ayase is a popular and beautiful girl at her school. When she was in elementary school, she developed unconditional love towards a card game named Karuta along with two friends (Arata and Taichi).

When they graduated from elementary school, they decided to excel in the game and meet each other in the national championships. Now they’re in high school, and only Chihaya seems to be fulfilling the promise when they reunite.

Chihayafuru is an amazing Josei anime with dazzling animation. MADHOUSE takes up any anime and creates wonders. In that context, this anime is not an exception.

The best part of the anime is its characters. Although it leans a bit more on the love triangle side, every aspect was fantastic. If you haven’t watched this MADHOUSE anime yet, you should do it.

11. Nana

Nana- Best MADHOUSE Anime!

Nana Komatsu leaves for Tokyo after her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend. She meets a girl named Nana Osaki, who seems cool and a punk rocker in her journey.

They get pretty close, and after reaching Tokyo, they both end up sharing an apartment. While Komatsu tries to become independent, Osaki works on her dream. In the process, they learn about what’s love and loss and how life changes.

Nana has a very realistic approach to romance and friendship, which you won’t come across quite often. The studio has done justice with the animation by keeping the design highly realistic.

The voice acting is absolutely fantastic, and it shines even more during narrative moments. Overall, Nana is an anime that gives you a nostalgic feeling whenever you back to it.

10. The Tatami Galaxy

The Tatami Galaxy- Best MADHOUSE Anime!

The story follows a man who is miserable and is not satisfied with the way life is. His social life is going nowhere, and he has no girls, and the only friend keeps him in trouble.

He tries to live the first two years of college repeatedly by making different decisions each time, and he has no recollection of that. Will he ever get satisfied with his life?

MADHOUSE has done it again! This aesthetic anime is another unique piece of art from the studio besides No Game No Life. Even it feels like another school romance anime with humor, you can’t forget the anime for a long time.

Personally, I found this anime to be flawless and deserves to be called as one of the best anime shows to come in years. If you haven’t watched this anime made by MADHOUSE studio yet, you better do it soon.

9. One Outs

One Outs- Best MADHOUSE Anime!

The baseball legend Kojima won many awards, including rookie of the year, which he won seven consecutive times. But he couldn’t win the champion title, not even once.

To make his dream come true, he opens a training camp in the Okinawa region. There he meets talented Toua Tokuchi, who states a condition before joining: instead of salary, he’ll get five million yen for each out and will lose fifty million if he loses a point.

If One Outs is just another baseball anime, you’re wrong. It is more of a gambling/high stakes kind of anime that leaves the viewer in Awe! Every minute.

The main character is a genius and quite daring if I have to say. MADHOUSE made this anime well and if you’re going to watch it, get prepared to binge-watch it in a day.

8. No Game No Life

No Game No Life- Best MADHOUSE Anime!

Sora and Shiro are siblings and brilliant gamers who never lost a challenge or game and are known as “BLANK.” When they receive an invitation to play a game from an anonymous person, they accept it.

Upon winning, they both get transported into a world filled with games. Apparently, the one who they played was the god of this world. Why did they get summoned into this world? And could there be any better world out there for gamers?

MADHOUSE always comes up with unique ideas, and this anime was the perfect meaning of it. The animation in this anime is so unique and unforgettable. The vibrant colors, character designs, and quality tell the dedicated efforts of the studio.

This anime might have fanservice, but it’s a brilliant one. Every episode makes you wonder what happens in the next minute, and don’t ever miss the movie after the anime.

7. Parasyte: The Maxim

Parasyte: The Maxim- Best MADHOUSE Anime!

On a fateful day, alien parasites drift into the human world, trying to take control of the unfortunate hosts they stumbled upon. Shinji luckily stops a parasite, and it ends up taking his arm as a host.

Soon, he gets to know the true power of the parasite, but great power comes with great responsibility. How will he fight with hostile parasites and protect people from them?

Parasyte is one of those anime shows that’ll never perish from my favorite list. Even though the synopsis seems somewhat creepy, intending this anime to be a horror kind, it is a beautiful anime.

The message it delivers, the action it presents, the characters it gets you attached to, and the way you’ll fall in love with anime at the end are astonishing.

6. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate- Best MADHOUSE Anime!

Alucard is the vampire and the top dog of the Hellsing organization who is skilled in hunting down vampires. People bitten by vampires turn into ghouls, but Seras Victoria gets lucky and becomes Alucard’s servant.

Together with the Hellsing organization, they had to take care of the nefarious activities of vampires across England. But as the secrets emerge, a full-scale war might happen. What’s going to happen?

Although a couple of other studios were involved in bringing us this masterpiece, I believe MADHOUSE played a significant role in them. That’s not just an assumption because the way how the studio gets the work done appears in the anime.

Although there is a Hellsing anime before this one, you don’t need to watch it. This one alone will do, and if you haven’t really watched it yet, you’re missing out on something incredible.

5. Death Note

Death Note- Best MADHOUSE Anime!

A shinigami drops a notebook in the human world, and Light Yagami happens to find it. If a name is to be written in the book, they’ll die.

Mastermind Light wants to make the world a better place by eliminating criminals, but soon he encounters a genius detective who tries to catch him. How will the story end?

Death Note is one of the greatest and brilliant anime ever made. It was my first official anime (if we don’t count Dragon Ball, Doraemon, Beyblade, and such anime we watched in childhood).

The mind games are on another level, and with every episode, you get awestruck with madness. I mean, how can a writer think of such a fine script with an irresistible concept?

4. Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo- Best MADHOUSE Anime!

Ippo Makunochi never had an easy life as he thinks of himself as a loser. He constantly gets beaten up by bullies, and it is about to repeat when an upcoming boxer named Takamura saves him from the bullies.

From this moment, Ippo decides to become a boxer but can just passion help? Before he can dream of becoming the champion, there are a lot of obstacles, and dedication is the least of all.

Hajime no Ippo thrills the viewer with insane and jaw-dropping twists, and the narration amplifies the feeling. The main character tries to become a nobody to the strongest rookie boxer, and the story is as compelling as it gets.

It boasts a bottomless supply of twists to make every fight unique in its own way, and you don’t get to see anime of this caliber every now and then. So, without any more thinking, just watch this spectacular anime made by MADHOUSE.

3. Redline

Redline- Best MADHOUSE Anime!

Redline sets in a world where hover cars shine and ordinary wheeled vehicles are a thing of the past; racers live for a single goal: to win the “Redline” race. Anything can happen in the race, and that includes dirty tactics.

JP has lost the Yellow line race before, and now he’s determined to win this at any cost. But it seems like it will be strict with all the things like rebuilding his car, the Roboworld government trying to stop the race, and the insane competition.

So, this anime doesn’t have the best story, but the main aspect where it shines is Animation. MADHOUSE nailed the visuals and the character designs. Seriously, I would expect nothing less from these seven years’ effort of hand-drawn animation.

It’s a very odd film, and everything is quite different in it compared to all the MADHOUSE anime we’ve seen so far. Regardless, it will be a fantastic experience for you.

2. One Punch Man

One Punch Man- Best MADHOUSE Anime!

The story sets in a world with superheroes, villains, mutants, and thugs. Saitama has become a hero for fun and envisioned his life to be constantly challenged by powerful villains.

But due to his overpowered ability, he defeats every opponent with a single punch. Soon, he gets bored of his life and waits for the day to find a worthy opponent. Will he find a formidable opponent, ever?

One Punch Man has been a newbie anime for a long time now, and even though I think it is a little overrated, it’s a fantastic anime made by MADHOUSE studio.

It’s hilarious, well-paced, action scenes are pretty awesome, and the studio totally nailed the animation by keeping the quality consistent.

1. Hunter x Hunter

In an adventure-filled world with terrifying creatures and unknown mysteries, Gon Freecs sets out on a journey from the Whale Island to find his father, who left him the moment he was born.

His father is one of the top renowned hunters who are considered heroes of the world. But to reach him, Gon has to face so many obstacles, and becoming a hunter is the least of all.

Are we seriously going to go through this? There is no need to explain how epic this anime is because it is one of the best anime of all time. The story, characters, pace, intense moments, epic battles, and every aspect is nailed to perfection.

You get hooked right from the beginning, and if you haven’t watched this MADHOUSE anime yet, you ought to do it sooner or later.

Conclusive Thoughts!

No matter how many studios are there in the industry, they have uniquity in the way they create anime shows. Surely, MADHOUSE stays apart in those because it just doesn’t follow the same pattern for every anime.

So, no matter what MADHOUSE anime you watch, you find a few different things from the previous ones. We hope you’ll enjoy these recommendations. If you have any queries, feel free to let us know through the comment section below.

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